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Letter: With Trump in power, the Constitution is threatened

May 11, 2024

Thank you Charles Trentelman for your wise and direct words regarding the GOP and the 2024 election — always good to hear from you! It is clear from his public statements that Donald Trump: (1) will declare that it is “because of widespread fraud” if he loses in November, and (2) if he wins, he will engineer an autocratic takeover of the US government and embark on systematic revenge on everyone who opposed him.

This obviously is in no way in keeping with — and like his claim of the need for total presidential immunity — in no way in harmony with the US Constitution or the intent of the Founding Fathers. This is NOT a “normal” election!

Donald Trump’s supporters and enablers (including those in Congress) seem to ignore that if he is allowed to undermine democracy and the Constitution, strongman tactics and tools will be in place for a future takeover by the “other side.” To some, DJT’s “policies” may seem appealing at the moment. But how appealing will it be when the “other side” inevitably rises up, takes over, and begins to assert those same dictatorial powers in a completely different direction?

This is precisely why the Constitution is worth preserving and democracy is worth saving. With the GOP in the control of Donald Trump, a vote for him is a vote for policy based on lies, and principles antithetical to everything we hold dear in America!

Don Gardner



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