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Letter: Ten Commandments more influential than writer indicates

May 13, 2024

I could not read the Guest Commentary of April 5, 2024 titled: “Ten Commandments shouldn’t be in Utah public school curriculum.” But then considering the Author and organization she represents it is not surprising.

I wish to challenge Ms. Gaylor (Co-Founder of the Freedom From Religion Foundation). In her assertion that only three of the 10 Commandments have any conceivable relevance to US law is a figment of her imagination. She was given close to 1,000 words to spout her diatribe whereas I’m only given 300, but I’ll do my best to keep within those parameters.

Commandment #1 Placing God, or a supreme governor over the human family and #2 Not making any graven image/idol is one of affirming our commitment to the basic law of having to answer to God for our actions which encompasses and establishes the fact that the we, the creature, are subject to the Creator and creating our own gods or idols, we then think we are not subject to God Almighty and can and will do whatever we wish without consequence, which is called amorality.

Commandment #3 is the basis for vulgarity laws. #4 There are many laws regarding the Sabbath. #5 How about elderly abuse laws for honoring our parents? #6 Murder is one of the three she mentioned. #7 Adultery is and has been on the law books for quite a long time and there has been much crime committed because of someone committing adultery. #8 Theft is another of the three mentioned. #9 The third one mentioned which is a prohibition against all sorts of moral law. #10 Coveting is not in the law books, but it certainly prevents violating the 8th Commandment.

I could challenge Ms. Gaylor on much more but space does not allow it.

Lonnie Crockett



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