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Letter: When did we get Mayor ‘Mike Nadolski’?

May 16, 2024

Last fall I decided to pitch in on the Ben Nadolski for Ogden City Mayor campaign. I was sold on the promises Ben made to restore faith in Ogden City government and make the overdue personnel changes that Ogden needed. I am now sorry to say that instead of getting Ben elected, I put “Mike Nadolski” at the helm of Ogden City. Mike Caldwell sought to destroy the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah; “Mike Nadolski” made sure the building came down anyway. Apparently “Mike Nadolski” realized that in order to do the same questionable shenanigans as the prior Administration you would need the same toxic legal counsel, so no change there. After making a GRAMA request for records, “Mike Nadolski” told me to not contact any of his Ogden City staff directly and to funnel any complaints I have to the Marriott-Slaterville administration for referral to Ogden City. When I asked about the drainage problems on the westside of BDO which The Boyer Company created over 2+ years ago, “Mike Nadolski” said he would not spend the money to fix the standing water issue. Instead, he is taking $5.7 million from the BDO lease monies (while not making needed repairs) to add to the general fund. Mind you Ogden City residents are still going to see an 8% increase in property taxes. So much for those seniors on a fixed income or young couples saving for that first home. Like so many of the bad practices of the prior Ogden City administrations, the “Hooray for Me and to Hell with You” mantra is alive and well. Well, “Mike Nadolski”, so much for improving intercity relations, improving transparency, having minimal accountability, and open communications, they were only hollow campaign promises and who remembers them after the election. I don’t like this Mike.

Kerry Wayne



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