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Letter: MAGA candidates only care about serving Donald Trump, not America

May 27, 2024

I am dismayed watching all the Republican senatorial candidates' ads on TV as each tries to out-MAGA the others. Since they all seem to just want to represent MAGA values, I suggest they drop their campaigns and send their resumes directly to the Trump organization and join the payroll with the likes of Stormy Daniels, porn star; Michael Cohen, convicted felon, admitted thief, disbarred lawyer; and Rudy Giuliani, discredited, disbarred, and bankrupt.

Brad Wilson's ads are typical of them all. He openly states he wants to only serve Team MAGA -- not RINOS (43% of Republican caucus delegates who supported Nikki Haley), not the 95% of Utah Republicans who didn't participate in the caucuses, not the 300,000 registered Democrats in Utah, nor any of the non-voters. Just Team Trump.

But a United States senator swears to represent the views of all residents. A United States senator must be willing to compromise in order to represent all views. A United States senator should represent Team America -- not the Republican party, not the Democratic party, and surely not a small, extreme faction of either party

I need a senator who cares more about solving the problems America is facing than about placating Donald Trump. I need a senator with new ideas, one focused on doing the work needed to make America better, regardless of which party gets the credit.

After all, what have other state's representatives like Marjorie Taylor Greene accomplished during their time in office? Nothing. Does Utah need a her?

Donald Carper



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