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Letter: Social Security funds and the future

May 31, 2024

Recently our U. S. Congressman Blake Moore addressed the fact that the funds in our Social Security could run out by the next 10 years. Well, that fact might be very true, but if the Republican political party that he belongs to and its leadership would replace the $2.7 trillion dollars former and late President Ronald Reagan, “borrowed” while he was in office to make up for his huge corporate tax cuts, that fund would still be in the black. Not to mention that another former Republican president by the name of George W. Bush did a similar thing of cutting taxes for the corporations and ultra-rich then “borrowing” $1.37 trillion dollars from the social security fund to also cover the spending on his war of choice in Iraq. Don’t be fooled folks, that funding nor Medicare has nothing to do with the deficit because they are different entities that we as taxpayers pay into. And without doubt, if another Republican enters into the office of president, and if he along with those in that political party are a majority in both houses of Congress, will once again, “borrow” trillions of dollars from Social Security funding to make up for those huge tax cuts for themselves and their wealthy donors. As Voltaire once said, “The comfort of the wealthy depends upon an abundance of the poor.”

Miguel Serda



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