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Erickson: Biden’s impeachable moment

By Erick Erickson - | May 14, 2024

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Erick Erickson

On Dec. 18, 2019, House Democrats impeached Donald Trump. They found he had withheld congressionally approved arms and aid to Ukraine in order to influence Ukraine’s decision on an investigation of Joe Biden. On May 8, 2024, Joe Biden announced he would withhold congressionally approved arms and aid to Israel in order to influence Israel’s strategy of eliminating Hamas. Everything else is semantics. The reality is, if the former is impeachable, so is the latter.

Trump’s decision to withhold aid from Ukraine had everything to do with his reelection bid in 2020. Joe Biden’s decision to withhold aid from Israel has everything to do with his reelection in 2024. Having given the terrorist-sympathizing hecklers a veto over American foreign policy, Biden has sided with the terrorists.

After Oct. 7, 2024, Joe Biden said he would not rest until all hostages, including American hostages, were returned by Hamas. Those hostages have not been returned, but Biden is now resting. His administration negotiated a ceasefire with Hamas and allowed Hamas to publicly accept the ceasefire, and only after word broke that Hamas had fundamentally altered the deal did Americans discover Biden’s administration misrepresented the deal to Israel.

But Hamas only changed a few words, media outlets reported. They changed “temporary” to “permanent” ceasefire. They changed “living” to “dead” hostages. To Hamas, those were minor changes. To Israel, they were everything. As of last week, Hamas provided proof of life that at least one hostage was still alive. Now they refuse to guarantee the return of any of them alive.

Biden’s conduct is a betrayal to an American ally. Only about two weeks ago, Biden signed congressional legislation appropriating more aid and ammunition to Ukraine and Israel. Having signed it, Biden now wants to withhold it because Hamas supporters in the United States do not want Hamas destroyed. To destroy them, Israel has secured a key border crossing between Gaza and Egypt. They can allow refugees through the gate, while blocking Hamas operatives. Hamas has opened fire on its own Gaza residents trying to escape.

With the border crossing secured, Israel intends to move into Rafah, a southern city in Gaza and the last stronghold of Hamas. Israel cannot destroy Hamas without invading Rafah. It is notable that Israel has taken great care to protect residents of Gaza. Israel has gone so far as to call residents in Gaza, including in Rafah, to tell them where attacks will come so residents can flee. Some do. Some are killed by Hamas trying to flee. Some refuse to leave so they might be human collateral Hamas can exploit. None of this is Israel’s fault.

On Oct. 7, 2023, Hamas sneaked into Israel and murdered a greater percentage of Israelis than the percentage of Americans killed on Sept. 11, 2001. The Israeli people resolved to eliminate Hamas to make sure “never again” really meant “never again.” On Oct. 8, 2023, American college students took to campuses and streets to cheer Hamas. That chorus has grown louder as antisemitism has festered since then.

The Biden administration stood with Israel until late February of 2024, when too many Michigan primary voters voted “uncommitted” in the Democrat primary. Biden began to shift after that, convinced he could lose in November if he did not have the votes of Jew hating Democrats in swing states like Michigan.

Now, Israel is on the verge of eliminating a global terrorist threat. That terrorist threat is holding American citizens hostages and is a threat to the United States around the world. But, to secure his reelection, Joe Biden would force Israel to pull its punches, preserve Hamas and allow a terror threat to continue. This is unacceptable.

If Trump can be impeached for withholding aid to Ukraine to influence an American election, the same standard can apply to Biden. House Republicans have embarrassingly handled their ongoing investigation into Biden. Now they have his own words and actions. Biden is sabotaging Israeli and American national security to win his reelection. We were promised normalcy and adults with Biden. Instead, we have gotten dementia, chaos and children.

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