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Charges screened after Roy auto-bicycle fatality

By Mark Shenefelt - | Oct 18, 2021

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ROY — Police and prosecutors are reviewing evidence from a fatal auto-bicycle crash to determine whether the 77-year-old driver will be charged. A police warrant says the car hit the victim three times.

Warren Watanabe, 62, died at a local hospital five days after the Sept. 20 incident. A Roy Police Department search warrant said he suffered 14 broken ribs and severe kidney and liver injuries.

Watanabe was riding his bicycle on a sidewalk southbound in the 5500 South block of 3500 West at 8:22 a.m. when a car leaving a parking lot hit him, according to the warrant. The warrant said the woman waited a moment, drove in reverse, then went forward again, driving over Watanabe. She reversed again, then got out, saw Watanabe and called 911.

A detective said in the warrant that he viewed the incident on surveillance video. The warrant, signed the next day by a 2nd District Court judge, sought controlled substance prescription records. The detective said the woman submitted to a blood draw and told police she had taken only cholesterol medication.

Officer Stuart Hackworth, Roy police spokesman, said Monday that detectives did an accident reconstruction and the investigation was complete. He said police would screen the case with prosecutors for possible charges.

“There is no indication or any belief that this was anything other than an accident,” Hackworth said. “She was not aware of what she had hit.”


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