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Potential attack at Weber High School averted by sheriff’s office

By Staff | Oct 19, 2021

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PLEASANT VIEW — A 15-year-old student at Weber High School was arrested for planning a potential attack on the school, the Weber School District said in a message sent Tuesday evening to Utah media.

Calls for more information to the Weber County Sheriff’s Office were not immediately returned; however, the agency released an additional press release late Tuesday evening.

According to the district, the investigation began with the sheriff’s office, which then informed the district and school. The sheriff’s office said it received the information from the FBI on Sept. 23.

“To our knowledge, the threat involved planning on the part of the student, but there was never an imminent danger to the school or other students. Fortunately, early intervention and action by law enforcement prevented any violence,” read a press release from the district.

The release added that the Weber County Attorney’s Office has filed criminal charges.

The sheriff’s office release said, “Further investigation is taking place, but we are confident at this point that there were no other students, or suspects involved.”


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