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Police: Bountiful stabbing suspect allegedly planned to ‘hunt people’

By Mark Shenefelt - | May 20, 2022

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FARMINGTON — The suspect in two vicious stabbings in Bountiful on May 12 allegedly said after his arrest that, “I should have picked a sharper knife,” and that a homemade mask found in his car was for use in “hunting people,” according to newly filed charging documents.

In police interviews, Kane Fairbank allegedly said his “main plan” was to stab to death a woman he met on Tinder. He allegedly began stabbing her, but she got away, and his subsequent alleged attack on a 65-year-old woman was because she was elderly, alone and looked vulnerable.

The Davis County Attorney’s Office on Thursday charged the 18-year-old Fairbank with two counts of attempted aggravated murder and one count of aggravated kidnapping, all first-degree felonies; and second-degree felony obstructing justice.

In a memorandum filed in 2nd District Court, prosecutors argued that Fairbank should be held without bail pending trial because of the severity of the crimes. The memo contained more details about the May 12 events.

Fairbank was placed in a holding cell in the Davis County Jail and allegedly made the following comments to himself, according to video recordings:

“I should have picked a sharper knife;” “Stabbing her in the back — that was such a nice noise — felt so good;” and “I should have sharpened it.”

The charging documents said Fairbank was at a Bountiful park with the first victim seated in his car with him. Fairbank allegedly started stabbing her, inflicting multiple wounds to the 18-year-old victim’s hands, face and torso. She was able to get out of his vehicle and he chased her, allegedly stabbing her in the back. Bystanders came to help her and he drove away.

Fairbank allegedly told police he had been planning to kill the woman when they met at the park.

After Fairbank parked his car elsewhere in Bountiful, he approached the second victim, allegedly stabbing her in the back several times and left after she fought back. A bystander stopped and held Fairbank for police.

Both women suffered life-threatening wounds that required immediate care and hospitalization, the charging documents said.

In his interview with Davis County Sheriff’s Office deputies, Fairbank allegedly said he planned to dismember and dispose of the women’s bodies if he had not been stopped. He allegedly said he wanted to continue to attack more people and that stabbing the women was “fun.”

He allegedly planned to live out of his car and had packed food to sustain him as he carried out his plans. The memo asking that Fairbank be held without bail said the suspect’s comments “paint a haunting picture of an individual who plans to kill, attempts to kill, and still wants to kill people, including strangers.”

Efforts to reach Fairbank’s attorney, Jonathan Nish, were not immediately successful.


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