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Teenage suspect arrested following Sunday morning shooting in Ogden

By Rob Nielsen - | Nov 13, 2023

Rob Nielsen, Standard-Examiner

The 700 block of 30th Street in Ogden, where a shooting on Sunday, Nov. 12, 2023, left one person dead and a second wounded, is pictured Monday, Nov. 13, 2023. A suspect has been arrested in the case.

OGDEN -- A suspect has been charged following a shooting that left one person dead and another critically injured Sunday morning.

According to court documents, Ricardo Caballero, 19, was arrested for aggravated murder and two charges of felony discharge of a firearm.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, police were alerted around 10:46 a.m. Sunday to a disturbance involving several individuals that had reportedly occurred in the 700 block of 30th Street in Ogden.

"The caller, Ricardo Caballero (Ricardo) called 911 and reported he was transporting the victim to the hospital," the affidavit said. "Officers met Ricardo and the victim at the hospital and observed the victim had sustained a gunshot wound to the pelvic area and was unresponsive. The male victim was admitted into the hospital in critical condition. Officers obtained further information and learned the victim had been shot in a nearby area, and officers responded to that area and located another adult male victim who had sustained several gunshot wounds to the torso. The second male victim died at the scene as a result of the injuries."

As of Monday afternoon, the deceased victim has not been publicly identified. An update on the condition of the critically injured victim, also as yet unnamed, was unavailable.

The affidavit continues by stating that Caballero told police he was driving his adult brother to a location to meet with another individual to fight them over a disagreement.

"Ricardo stated that several other individuals, he was not expecting, showed up to the fight and he became afraid that his life was in danger. Ricardo stated he never observed any of the other individuals with a weapon at any time, and they never made any threats involving a weapon of any kind."

According to Caballero's statement to officers, an individual allegedly advanced toward his brother. "Ricardo stated he pulled out a 9mm pistol and began firing towards the two individuals who were close to his brother. Ricardo stated as he shot at the individuals near his brother, his brother cried out in pain, which made Ricardo realize he shot his brother. As he was shooting, he heard another individual cry out in pain as if he had also been shot. Ricardo stated he knew it was likely that someone else besides his brother had been shot."

The affidavit said that several shell casings were found at the original scene near where the deceased person was found. Allegedly, the casings matched with the ammunition that Caballero said he usually carried in his gun. A 9 mm pistol reportedly was found in Caballero's car at the hospital.

"Ricardo made several inconsistent statements, first stating he shot towards an individual who was advancing toward him, then stating he actually shot towards the individual as he was trying to run away, then stated he actually only intended on firing 'warning shots' to attempt to scare the two individuals away from his brother," the affidavit said. "Preliminary examination of the firearm is consistent with the firearm Ricardo stated he used in the altercation and the shell casings found on scene. No shell casings from any other firearms were located on scene."

Caballero has been ordered to be held without bail. A press release from the Ogden Police Department stated that he is being held at the Weber County Correctional Facility. Though the release says no further danger to the public is anticipated, anyone with additional information is asked to call Weber Dispatch on its nonemergency line, 801-395-8221. OPD's Major Crimes Bureau, Ogden Metro Gang Taskforce and Weber County Homicide Taskforce all participated in the investigation.


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