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Weber County Sheriff’s Office identifies suspect in West Haven vehicle burglaries

By Ryan Aston - | Feb 1, 2024

Photo supplied, Weber County Sheriff's Office

Surveillance footage of the suspect in a series of vehicle burglaries that occurred in West Haven on Jan. 25, 2024.

WEST HAVEN — The Weber County Sheriff’s Office has identified a suspect in a series of vehicle burglaries that occurred at a West Haven dance studio on Jan. 25.

Security cameras captured the suspect arriving at the studio, which is located at 1748 S. 1900 West, in a newer model Jeep Cherokee. The person was then recorded entering multiple vehicles, after which they reportedly stole personal items and cash.

Following a request for public assistance in identifying the individual via social media Monday, the sheriff’s office received calls providing information about the person’s identity, as well as their current whereabouts.

The suspect’s identity is not being released at this time as the investigation is currently ongoing.

Weber County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Lt. Colby Ryan told the Standard-Examiner that three vehicles were broken into while their owners were inside the dance studio. He advised local residents to secure their own vehicles and personal property to avoid becoming victimized in a similar manner.

“We would like to remind people to lock their doors, don’t leave any valuables. Two of the vehicles that were rifled through were unlocked, and in one vehicle they had left their purse in plain sight. (The suspect) busted the window to get to the purse,” Ryan said.

“Other vehicles in the area that (the suspect) checked were locked, so he just moved on instead of trying to access them,” Ryan added.

According to Ryan, such acts are crimes of opportunity that can potentially be avoided by taking proper security precautions when leaving one’s vehicle, even when there are plans to return in short order.

“Don’t give the criminals opportunities, because that’s usually what this type of criminal looks for is just an opportunity,” he said. “If all these vehicles would have been locked and the valuables hidden, then he would have just moved on.”


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