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Layton man officially charged in triple homicide, could face death

By Rob Nielsen - | May 25, 2023

Photo supplied, Layton Police Department via Twitter

A triple homicide is being investigated at a home in Layton, police said Friday, May 19, 2023.

LAYTON — A man accused of killing three people and three dogs has had formal charges brought against him.

Jeremy Bailey, 34, of Layton, was charged in the 2nd District Court in Farmington on Wednesday with three counts of aggravated murder (capital), two counts of discharge of a firearm (first-degree felony) and three counts of torture of a companion animal (third-degree felony).

According to the indictment, charges of aggravated murder can carry the possibility of the death penalty.

“Aggravated murder is a capital felony punishable by death if a notice of intent to seek the death penalty is filed by the prosecutor within 60 days of the arraignment of the defendant,” it said.

Bailey is accused of murdering his wife, Anastasia Stevens, 36, plus her father, Donald Stevens, 73, and stepmother Becky Stevens, 61. He’s also accused of shooting three of four dogs in the house. The incident occurred May 19 at Bailey’s home.

The Standard-Examiner reached out to the Davis County Attorney’s office about Bailey’s next court appearance but no reply was received by press time.


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