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City-County: Ogden, Bonneville racers win 1st place; Weber sweeps team titles

By Patrick Carr - | Sep 15, 2021

Patrick Carr, Standard-Examiner

Runners pose during the awards ceremony at the City-County cross country meet on Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2021, at the Weber County Fairgrounds.

Sienna Barton stood for quite some time next to the black van that held timekeeping computers for the race.

Barton, a sophomore at Bonneville High, had enough time to walk back in the chute and talk to the next two racers who had just crossed the finish line.

Jack Blodgett, a junior at Ogden High, also had a little time to wait around by himself by the timekeeping van. Both runners were champions in their respective races by healthy margins at Wednesday’s City-County cross country meet at the Weber County Fairgrounds.

Barton finished the course in 19:26.7, or 33.2 seconds ahead of Fremont’s Addison Dalton in second place. Barton said she was surprised at how large her lead was at the end.

“I thought she was going to be only a couple seconds behind me, so I didn’t expect it at all. She put a little bit of pressure on me,” Barton said.

Barton took the lead in the final mile. She and Dalton were the only two runners to break the 20-minute mark in the race.

“I felt really good the first lap, then the second lap — it hurt a little bit — towards the end of it I got a boost of energy and that felt great, so I kicked it,” Barton said.

On the boys side, Blodgett clocked a 15:49.6 and won by nearly 16 seconds over Weber’s Andrew Harris. Blodgett was the only runner to finish the slow, 3-mile course in under 16 minutes.

“It hurt,” he said of the race. “I think every race hurts.”

The race win meant a lot for Blodgett, who spared a glance behind him as he jogged around the final corner by the finish line.

“I was really excited. I’ve been trying to win this one since my freshman year. I remember the first time we raced it we barely lost to Weber and from my basketball background, I don’t like Weber,” Blodgett said.

In the girls race, Dalton and Morgan senior Kate Heywood were the next two finishers, and a long way behind Barton.

Behind Heywood were four Weber runners — Courtney Giebel, Eden Burton, Sarah Dye and Merin Urban — who helped the Warriors dominate the girls team title with 35 points, nearly half of second-place Morgan’s 65 points.

The four Weber runners crossed the finish line in a span of 15 seconds, essentially putting a bow on the team title right then and there. Heywood finishing in third helped the Trojans (65) edge Fremont (66) for second place as a team.

For the boys team title, Weber edged Fremont 38 to 40. After Blodgett crossed the finish line in first place, the next seven runners came from the two northern Weber County schools.

The difference in the team standings ultimately came down to Warriors sophomore Mason Aardema finishing in 13th place for Weber’s fifth qualifying score, beating the fifth-best Fremont runner, Trevor Carlton, by six places and 26 seconds.

Blodgett, plus a ninth-place finish by teammate Carter Parsons, helped Ogden take third in the boys team race.



1. Sienna Barton, Bonneville, 19:26.7

2. Addison Dalton, Fremont, 19:59.9

3. Kate Heywood, Morgan, 20:16.8

4. Courtney Giebel, Weber, 20:37.9

5. Eden Burton, Weber, 20:42.6


1. Jack Blodgett, Ogden, 15:49.6

2. Andrew Harris, Weber, 16:05.2

3. Simon Peterson, Fremont, 16:06.7

4. Kaden Dunn, 16:17.8

5. Jake Atwater, Fremont, 16:44.1



1. Weber, 35

2. Morgan, 65

3. Fremont, 66

4. Ogden, 83

5. Bonneville, 102

6. Roy, 159


1. Weber, 38

2. Fremont, 40

3. Ogden, 58

4. Morgan, 122

5. Bonneville, 135

6. Roy, 138


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