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Weber County GOP leader puts focus on female political involvement

OGDEN — As is, just two of the 16 mayors leading Weber County's varied locales are female. Likewise, of the 10 lawmakers representing the county in the Utah Senate and Utah House, just two are women. Lorraine Brown, though, aims to change that. The Ogden lawyer has taken over as president of Weber County Republican Women and one of her goals is to prod more women to get involved in civic matters and run for office. "When women come to the table, things are done differently," Brown said. It's not necessarily a Democrat-Republican thing for her, she said. Her broad aim is to ...

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Letter: Virus spread in schools was a preventable problem

Only a week and a half into the new school year and my unvaccinated daughter (ineligible for the vaccine due to her age) was exposed to Covid 19 in a largely unmasked classroom where she and a small handful of masked students had come hoping to learn in a safe environment. We waited in a two ...