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Conquering Hearing Loss Using Your Medicare Benefits

By Staff | Feb 28, 2023

Conquer your hearing loss using your Medicare Insurance.

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Sliding down the face of a mountain while bear-hugging the rocks tends to give you perspective.

The sun was setting on a long day of adventuring in Moab, Utah, with two of my most fantastic adventure buddies. We had recently taken up the sport of canyoneering, which sounds fancy but is just hiking down a canyon and rappelling the parts that are too steep to climb. We had just finished doing a canyon called Medieval Chamber which ended in a simultaneous rappel off an arch 200 feet off the canyon floor.

It was a breathtaking experience that left us all tired but exhilarated. Once we completed the route, we had to get back to our car, and there were two ways to do that. Either hike down and around the canyon (about three hours) or take the climber’s exit (about 30 minutes).

We opted for the shorter route, but I would have chosen the hike if I had known what would happen next. Jake (our fearless leader) had made it past the first steep incline without incident, so I followed. Unfortunately, his shoes were more grippy than mine, so when I was about 12 inches from his grasp, my footing gave way.

I found myself sliding on my stomach and arms down the sandstone (aka. sandpaper) mountain. I don’t think I have ever been that scared in my life. Luckily, I slid to safety with only minor scrapes and bruises. The perspective I gained was how important it is to use a rope and the help of others to climb mountains or navigate complex challenges in life.

When facing the challenge of hearing loss, we often try to navigate the waters on our own, making it difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, we’ve climbed this mountain before and have spent countless hours researching, posting, and fixing ropes to guide you. We are the hearing aid insurance experts and will help you understand your benefit with just a couple of clicks.

First and foremost, all Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage Plans) have a hearing aid benefit. Some plans offer up to 85% savings and, in most cases, give you higher-rated hearing aids for less than buying through any other channel (including warehouse stores, which are not in-network).

Visit PUREHEARING.com, and in less than 60 seconds, you’ll discover the specific hearing aid models and prices your plan offers. Using your benefit with us is just as easy. Call or text our office for an appointment or schedule one using our online scheduling page. We are in network with every Medicare Advantage Plan and handle all the paperwork. The following is a brief synopsis of all the 2023 Medicare Advantage plans. Visit purehearing.com/insurance to learn the specific makes, models, and prices of the hearing aids offered for each plan.

United Healthcare/AARP

For 2023 our best overall pick is the United Healthcare/AARP Medicare Advantage plan. We chose this as our favorite for three reasons: 1. It has an excellent low-cost option, 2. It offers a comprehensive selection and…

Molina Medicare Advantage

Molina won our best zero-cost option for 2023. They are one of two insurance companies that provide a free hearing aid option outside the SNP plans (Aetna is the other one).

Humana Medicare Advantage

Humana is our choice for the least expensive high-end option and is an excellent pick if you like Signia hearing aids.

Regence BCBS Medicare Advantage

Regence is a well-known name in healthcare, and they have put together a straightforward yet effective hearing aid benefit program for 2023.

DMBA Medicare Supplement

DMBA would have won our lowest-priced, high-end category if they were open to the general public.

Aetna Medicare Advantage

All four standard plans provide the same hearing aid benefit, and their SNP plan is a bit richer. Aetna does offer a Zero cost option which is nice.

Cigna Medicare Advantage

They pay a total of $2,000, so you can get an excellent hearing aid for free if you need just one hearing aid.

Select Health Medicare Advantage

Their standard HMO plans have a five-tier hearing aid copay option ranging from $399/ear to $1,699/ear.

Once Jake fixed a rope, it made my exit to the top quick and easy. Use the information we have compiled as your guide rope. It will navigate you through your Medicare Advantage hearing aid benefit and help you conquer your hearing loss.


My adventure buddies are just below me in a canyon.


Use our guide rope to maximize your hearing aid benefit.


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