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Fischer: Property management one way to generate surplus wealth

Last week, I came across a comic strip that displayed a sign in front of a farm, it read; “McWit’s Farm, Auto Repair, Financial Consulting, and Lite Puff Pastries.” The tagline below it had the farmer saying, “The only way to survive in the current economy is to diversify.” I noticed ...

Tech Matters: Understanding the electric vehicle price drop

Last Friday, Tesla announced it was dropping $2,000 off the prices of three of its five models, the latest in a series of price cuts and underperforming sales. Also last week, its stock price fell to below $150 per share, wiping out gains made over the past year as analysts await Tesla’s ...

Conference Counsel: The urgent need to improve our prayers

Last week, I wrote about my wife coming to the rescue prior to our honeymoon by helping unlock our car door after the keys had been left inside. Even today, over five years after her passing, she still comes to the rescue. Her rescue comes in the form of her favorite scripture, which she ...