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Sept 3, 1954 ~ June 5, 20191 yr ago today we lost you and will always miss and love you--forever in our hearts.???You're entire family[gallery_header ids="950675"]

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Richard Alan Taylor

1942 ~ 2010You lack fear...Afraid of nothing...He does not shy away from the sword...He cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds.You served your family, God, and country. You did it your way.We love and miss you Kenny, Travis (Anna), Brandan (Jody), Charisse, Drake, Caden, Dawson, Madison, ...

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Waldina Arellano

June 4, 1957 ~ Aug 28, 2011Happy Birthday. We love and miss you everyday.???Your Nieces and your Sister.[gallery_header ids="1134616"]


March 16, 1964 ~ May 30, 2014We often wish for another moment, another kiss, another smile. One more chance to hear you laugh, or even visitfor a while. We miss you every day. Just know we loveand cherish you, in each and every way.??Loss has taught us many things, and now we face eachday, with ...

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Maxine Dickamore

Happy 90th Birthday, ? Mother! ?We all miss and love you so very much.One of your lifelong friends wrote the following tribute to you. Maxine is a genuine, true friend and I love her for that. She is a devoted mother and loves unconditionally.Life has not always been easy for her but she never ...

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Jaime Lynn Vaughn

May 29, 1977~Sept 26, 1997Happy Birthday Jaime!"I can no longer see you with my eyes but I will feel you in my heart forever"???All my love, Mom[gallery_header ids="1083788"]


Dec. 10, 1963 ~ May 29, 1990Grief never ends but it changes. It's a passage not a place to stay Grief is not a sign of weakness nor a lack of faith, it is a price of love.? We miss you so much, my son. ?Onofre & Bertha Family[gallery_header ids="1003907"]

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Melanie Messenger Wallace

May 26, 1956 ~ Dec 14, 2009Happy Birthday!You always had a smile to share. Time to give and time to care. A loving nature, kind and true. Is the way we'll remember you.????Love, Jeanne and Barbara Gilchrist[gallery_header ids="951176"]

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Jesse Taylor Beeman

May 23, 1991~May 14, 2011Happy 29th Birthday Jesse!We know you are celebrating with the angels. We Miss you beyond measure.? ? ? ?Love you forever,Your Family[gallery_header ids="1003899"]

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Marion Dena Duran Herrera

July 2, 1975 ~ May 22, 2016Your memory is my keepsake With which we'll never part. God has you in his keeping, I have you in my heart.We love and miss you!???Mom Dad, Josie Shaniqua, Jasmine, Anntonette, Royal, D'Angelo Hannah, Alicia, Lena, Promise, Precious, Tyrese, Raymond, Jessica, Your ...