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IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Maxine Dickamore

Happy 90th Birthday, ? Mother! ?We all miss and love you so very much.One of your lifelong friends wrote the following tribute to you. Maxine is a genuine, true friend and I love her for that. She is a devoted mother and loves unconditionally.Life has not always been easy for her but she never ...

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Jaime Lynn Vaughn

May 29, 1977~Sept 26, 1997Happy Birthday Jaime!"I can no longer see you with my eyes but I will feel you in my heart forever"???All my love, Mom[gallery_header ids="1083788"]


Dec. 10, 1963 ~ May 29, 1990Grief never ends but it changes. It's a passage not a place to stay Grief is not a sign of weakness nor a lack of faith, it is a price of love.? We miss you so much, my son. ?Onofre & Bertha Family[gallery_header ids="1003907"]

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Melanie Messenger Wallace

May 26, 1956 ~ Dec 14, 2009Happy Birthday!You always had a smile to share. Time to give and time to care. A loving nature, kind and true. Is the way we'll remember you.????Love, Jeanne and Barbara Gilchrist[gallery_header ids="951176"]

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Jesse Taylor Beeman

May 23, 1991~May 14, 2011Happy 29th Birthday Jesse!We know you are celebrating with the angels. We Miss you beyond measure.? ? ? ?Love you forever,Your Family[gallery_header ids="1003899"]

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Marion Dena Duran Herrera

July 2, 1975 ~ May 22, 2016Your memory is my keepsake With which we'll never part. God has you in his keeping, I have you in my heart.We love and miss you!???Mom Dad, Josie Shaniqua, Jasmine, Anntonette, Royal, D'Angelo Hannah, Alicia, Lena, Promise, Precious, Tyrese, Raymond, Jessica, Your ...