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Aug 8, 1937 ~ April 15, 2017It's hard to believe you have been gone 3 years. Life has gone on, but has never been the same. All of the memories we made together are now priceless treasures in our hearts! We think about you and miss you everyday.Love Your Family[gallery_header ids="1007937"]

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Weslee Allington

April 14, 1986 ~ Dec 8, 2018Happy Birthday in Heaven Wes!We love and miss you more than words can describe. You are thought about constantly and talked about often with so many wonderful and fun memories. Your sense of humor comes up in our conversations and we know you are laughing with us. ...

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Gary William Coleman

May 23, 1939 ~ Apr 12, 2020We all miss you at your beloved Coleman Mobile HomeCourt in Willard, Utah. We know you are watching over us.Your plans are now complete there, and we will always love,And miss your humor and kindness.NO ONE EVERY TELLSME ANYTHING.???Love Always,Madeline Pappas ...


Aug 21, 1936 ~ Apr 8, 2019We miss you Dad! We^ are sending all our love each and every day. We hope we make you proud in that Hansen kind of way. Thinking about you brings each of us a smile, knowing we'll be together in just a little while.???Your Loving Family[gallery_header ids="952651"]

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Matthew Hall Ernest Sida

Jan 10, 1986 ~ April 7, 2017July 20, 1981 ~ Oct 6, 2018Matthew Hall and Ernest Sida pictured above were taken from us prematurely, while just being in the prime of their lives. They were close friends and considered each brothers. They were taken from their family and friends on seperate ...

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Judith Marion Wiltsie

April 5, 1941~March 2, 2017Beautiful memories never fade But grow in our heartsFor a mother and a wifeWho gave us all the beautyof her loving ways.Happy Birthday MumWe love you Mum and miss you.??????Love, Laura, Karen, Kim, Sandra, Robert,Husband Jim and Puppy LIL 2.[gallery_header ids="1012685"]

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Kyle Curtis Brown

April 2, 1990~July 10, 200530 years ago today we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. The years have gone by so fast. Not one day goes by that we don't think of you and remember the times we shared. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. The lessons you've taught us and we are still ...

IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Kyle Curtis Brown

Apr. 2, 1990 ~ Jul. 10, 2005Happy birthday to our dear Kyle. Our son, brother, grandson, uncle, cousin and nephew. Fifthteen years have passed since we sang our family rendition of happy birthday to you. In those years we have shared so many memories of you. We will always remember the love and ...

IN LOVING MEMORY OF : Adam Patrick McBride

April 1, 1998 ~ Sept 1, 2013I want you to know that even though you're no longer here. We think about you every single day. There are just so many lessons that you have taught us. We miss your smile, your laughter and your sense of humor. We love and miss you everyday.???Love your family and ...


Aug 28, 1989 ~ Mar 31, 2015I have Angel wings wrapped around me. I know because you're in heaven watching over me.???Daddy-O, Mamma, Sissy Precious, Marlela, Jose, Mia, Papo, Nino, Nina, Uncle Randy, AKA Mom & Dad, Rose & Charlie White, Little Joe, Manny AKA ...