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Legislators attack vote by mail, want statewide audit and return to paper ballots

SALT LAKE CITY — Two legislators are leading an effort to virtually eliminate vote by mail and mandate an independent audit of the 2020 Utah election, while state and county officials are pushing back and instead proposing tweaks to the existing system. Republican Reps. Steve Christiansen of West Jordan and Phil Lyman of Blanding outlined for the Legislature’s Judiciary Interim Committee on Wednesday their proposal for a return to paper ballots; independent election audits on an ongoing basis; photo ID required at the polls; and no private funds allowed for “registration or other ...

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Letter: Supporting Benitez for city council because character matters

I have known Sebastian Benitez for over a decade. During this time, I have witnessed his compassion for the less fortunate. It shouldn’t be a surprise that he wants to run for the Ogden City Council. Few people spend the time campaigning for projects left unfinished in the community. ...