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Zombies, genies and superheroes hit big screen

You can see the beautiful hints of summer all around us. The grass is green, the sky is blue and the sidewalk is warm from the sun’s rays.The feeling of euphoria that the warm sun brings creates the optimal conditions for leisure. As the masses indulge themselves in the freedom summer offers, ...

Keep or toss these graduation traditions?

TX. staffWe’re in the thick of the graduation season, celebrating in grand style the accomplishments of students everywhere.And those graduation ceremonies are filled with traditions that make us proud — or make us want to run out the door screaming.In that spirit, our TX. staff weighs in ...

Bottom Line trivia

Five-hundred sixty-five of the nation’s smartest spellers will compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee beginning Monday<span class="print_trim">, May 27,</span> in National Harbor, Maryland.[gallery_header ids="959650,959654,959658"]

The TX. 10: Random but fun skills to learn

1. Lock picking2. Bonsai trees3. Crocheting4. Yoga5. Whittling6. Coding7. Cardistry8. Calligraphy9. Origami10. Juggling<em>— Scott Swain, Davis High</em>[gallery_header ids="1149643,1149648,1149652"]

Bottom Line trivia

The Congo is the only river that flows both north and south of the equator. It crosses over the equator twice.[gallery_header ids="1045507,1045512"]

Go behind scenes of yearbook

Most people have a high school yearbook. Even if it is sitting in the closet or on the top shelf of the bookcase, no one it throws away. But think back to when you were in school.Do you actually remember thinking about the yearbook before you picked it up on the last day of school? Do you ...

Queer high school students face ‘struggle of a lifetime’

Rainbow Road in the “Mario Kart” video game is known to be one of the hardest tracks to complete, but no one said that the rainbow road of life would be even harder.The battle for rights doesn’t stop when a queer student enters a school. If anything, it might get harder.High school brings ...

The TX. 10: Our favorite Utah tourist attractions

<strong>1.</strong> Goblin Valley State Park <strong>—</strong> Filled with unique rock formations.<strong>2. Lagoon —</strong> Really fun and easy to get to.<strong>3. Delicate Arch at Arches ...

‘Endgame’ a spectacular wrap for Marvel series

<a href="https://movies.disney.com/avengers-endgame" target="_blank">"Avengers: Endgame."</a> Probably (though arguably) the most anticipated and hyped-up movie of this decade.I can’t think of many films that even came close to the excitement, mystery and ...

Bottom Line trivia

The peregrine falcon is the fastest bird, able to fly at speeds of more than 200 miles per hour in its hunting dive.[gallery_header ids="1138909,1138913"]