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Fremont students take stage at Disneyland

Disneyland is known for its rides. With attractions like Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and the new Guardians of the Galaxy, it is understandable that rides are all that come to mind.However, with this way of thinking, a lot of other things are overlooked. For example, those who go ...

Notre Dame remains symbol of beauty, sanctuary

When you stop and think about it, April 15 has become more and more of a cursed day in history as time has gone on.Each year, this day commemorates the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912 and the death of Abraham Lincoln in 1865. And now, April 15 will also be remembered for another tragedy that ...

Bottom Line trivia

Camels have two sets of eyelashes to protect their eyes from the sand. They can also close up their nostrils to keep out sand.[gallery_header ids="1064067,1064072"]

Organize your life for spring

Around this time of year, a lot of people like to go through a routine organizing and tidying phase known as “spring cleaning.”As the sun comes out, it seems people’s motivation to clean things does too. Besides, a lot of your house needs annual cleaning, and what better time to do it ...

The TX. 10: Weirdest British foods

<strong>1. Haggis.</strong> It’s basically sheep organs boiled in a sheep stomach. Yum.<strong>2. Black pudding.</strong> Ever get a craving for congealed pig blood, fat and oatmeal? Yeah, me too.<strong>3. Eel ...

‘Prom fever’ at the movies

It’s that time of year again: the weather can’t decide to keep winter or welcome spring, kids are counting down the days until summer vacation, and the excitements of prom are in the air.Even now that I have made my way into the world of a sophomore, I have never thought of prom as the big ...

Bottom Line trivia

South American water platters can grow up to 6 feet across.[gallery_header ids="1185809"]

The TX. 10: Best hiding places for Easter eggs

1. In the oven. Just don’t forget it’s there!2. Behind the washer3. Inside the dog/cat/any animal’s pet house4. On top of the fridge5. Behind the TV6. In the bushes by the house7. In the trees8. In the pockets of a coat on the coat rack9. By the fruits and vegetables10. Next to the tire ...

Go with the flow in Costa Rica

Sometimes life gives you opportunities you just can’t turn down, and recently, I found myself in that situation.I had the opportunity to travel with my school to Costa Rica and learn all about the Pura Vida, or “Pure Life,” as they say there. From bustling cities to a vibrant carbon ...

Bottom Line trivia

There is no point in Greece that is more than 85 miles from water; the country has about 9,000 miles of coastline.[gallery_header ids="1187619,1187624"]