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Sustainable farmer partners with Marriott-Slaterville in community growing venture

MARRIOTT SLATERVILLE — Anne Sampson Dunaway’s journey through adulthood has been characterized by hardship, grit and a desire to serve, not unlike a seed pushing up through the earth to flourish and nourish others. Friends and family call her Annie — and almost everyone in her orbit tends to end up in one of those two categories, even if they began as co-workers. Now 43 with two teenage children, Dunaway recalled her rocky launch to independence more than a decade ago: “I fled an abusive marriage and started raising these two babies with nothing.” For years, she worked as the ...

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Letter: Governors of Utah, Colorado setting an example for us all

I was proud and happy to see Governor Solis of Colorado and Governor Cox of Utah on national TV promoting a promising solution to the nation’s problems, a program the National Governor’s Association calls “Disagree Better.” (Face the Nation, 12-3-23; nga.org) We absolutely need more of ...

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