SOUTH OGDEN — South Ogden Police released surveillance video of three suspects outside the home where two men were killed and a third was critically injured Friday, Dec. 9, in South Ogden. 

Video footage shows the three suspects — who are wearing hard, plastic masks — watching the home at 3636 Ogden Ave. prior to the shooting. A video also shows one of the suspects fleeing after the shooting.

At a press conference Tuesday afternoon, South Ogden Police Chief Darin Parke said his department’s focus is on the homicide and bringing closure to the victim’s families. 

At 7:58 Friday, Cyle VanKomen, 24, and Kevin Nelson, 61, were found dead in a house at 3636 Ogden Ave. VanKomen was a resident at the home.

A third victim, a 20-year-old man who was also a resident, was found alive in the backyard and transported to the hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

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Parke said the suspects were familiar with the home and the victims, and one individual was the intended target. 

“I’ve seen nothing to indicate it was random,” Parke said at the press conference.

Parke said the home is not a “gang house” and that police had received reports of a loud party. Police were also aware of marijuana and alcohol use at the home but want witnesses to come forward. Prosecutors are not worried about those who may have been smoking or drinking underage at the home that night, he said. 

“If you smoked weed in that house, that’s not the focus here,” Parke said.

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Several cameras captured the suspects the night of the shooting as they approached and scoped out the house. Handguns are visible in the footage. Two suspects appear to be wearing opaque plastic masks, Parke said, while the third appears to be wearing a paintball mask. 

Surveillance footage from the first camera shows one suspect squatted, watching the home alone for several minutes before being joined by the second suspect, who was wearing a ski or snowboarding jacket and dark pants. The third suspect joined the other two moments later. 

Another camera shows the suspects looking into windows at the home. 

After the shooting, footage from a camera further down the block captured one of the suspects jumping over a fence with a handgun. The mask then appeared to be on top of his head. 

By releasing the footage, police said they hope the public will be able to identify the suspects through their physical stature, mannerisms, clothing and accessories. 

Those with information about the incident should contact the Weber Dispatch Center at 801-629-8221.


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