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Ogden shooting suspect charged with murder, felony discharge of a firearm

By Tim Vandenack - | Nov 17, 2023

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OGDEN — The suspected gunman in a deadly shooting in Ogden last Sunday has been formally charged with aggravated murder and three counts of felony discharge of a firearm.

Ricardo Caballero, 19, of Pleasant View, is being held without bail in the Weber County Jail on the charges, filed Tuesday in 2nd District Court in Ogden by the Weber County Prosecutor’s Office.

The incident allegedly occurred late Sunday morning in the 700 block of 30th Street during a fight between Caballero’s adult brother and another man. A third man advanced toward the two men, apparently to help the man fighting Caballero’s brother, when Caballero fired toward them, according to charging papers. Caballero spoke with police investigators.

Shot and killed in the incident was the third man who had approached as Caballero’s brother fought the other man, according to charging documents. He was shot in the torso. The man initially fighting Caballero’s brother sustained a gunshot wound to his hip, surviving, while Caballero’s brother sustained a wound to his abdomen and was brought to McKay-Dee Hospital in critical condition.

Caballero is to make his initial court appearance in the case on Nov. 29.

Caballero had allegedly brought his brother to the 30th Street location for the fight. “Ricardo stated that none of the combatants, at any time, exhibited or threatened the use of a dangerous weapon or deadly force,” read charging papers.

The documents go on, saying Caballero “made several inconsistent statements” to police during their interview with him. Reportedly, he variously said he shot toward someone approaching him, that he shot at someone trying to run away from the scene and that he had intended on only firing warning shots.

The man initially fighting Caballero’s brother, interviewed by police, said neither he nor the man who was killed had dangerous weapons or threatened to use deadly force.


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