IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Joseph Camaliche

Nov. 18, 1924 ~ May 1, 2013 When someone you love becomes a Memory, their memory becomes a Treasure....


IN LOVING MEMORY OF Maurine J. Gilmore : Feb 25, 1932 ~ May 3, 1993

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, We'd run up to Heaven and bring you home again. Your beautiful spirit and sweet memory will live in our hearts forever. ? ? ? Your loving family.



Apr 25, 1962 ~ May 3, 2015 We think about you always We think about you still You have never been FORGOTTEN And you never will We hold you close within our hearts And there you will remain To walk with us throughout our lives Until we meet again ???? Love Always, Your Family PS-I didn't sell your...


Happy 85th Birthday!: Evelyn Albiston Saunders

The family of Evelyn Albiston Saunders is excited to be celebrating her 85th birthday. Evelyn was born April 23, 1931 in her grandparent's home, in Smithfield Utah, to W. G. (Bill) Albiston and Eliza Woolford Albiston. Her family later moved to Ogden, Utah. She graduated from Ogden High School in...


Happy 70th Anniversary!: Gwen and Victor Moore

Married on March 13, 1946, Gwen and Victor Moore celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on a 10-day luxury Hawaiian cruise visiting the islands of Oahu, Maui, Hawaii and Kawai. They were joined on the cruise by their children and spouses: Vickie (Scott) Anderson, Steven (Patti) Moore, Rich...


Happy 90th Birthday!: Elmer Brown Ricks

The family of Elmer Brown Ricks is happy to celebrate his 90th birthday Elmer was born April 8, 1926 to Hugh Ricks and Daisy Brown Ricks in Richmond, California. At a young age his family moved to Bensen Ward, Utah where he grew up with his brother Grant around lots of family and friends. He...


Happy 80th Birthday!: Ann Nichols

Ann Nichols celebrated her 80th birthday at a surprise party attended by over 50 members of her family. The celebration was held at Joy Luck Restaurant in Bountiful, on Friday, April 22, 2016. Ann was born on April 25, 1936 in Boise, Idaho. She was the youngest of eight children and the only...


Happy 80th Birthday!: Bonnie Lewis Leavitt

BONNIE LEWIS LEAVITT IS TURNING A FABULOUS 80! We would love for all who know her, to JOIN US AT AN OPEN HOUSE.... to visit and celebrate! Anyone who knows Bonnie, knows how deeply she cherishes the people in her life. We thought an evening with those she loves, would be a wonderful gift. We will...


Happy 90th Birthday!: Eldon "Jerry" Page Waite



Happy 90th Birthday!: Meriam Jenkins Stanger

Meriam Jenkins Stanger is turning 90! She was born on May 8, 1926 to Rulon and Ellen Myers Jenkins. She was raised in Plain City along with her siblings, Mildred, Quentin and Ellen, in the same house she resides in now. She attended Weber High School, Weber State College and earned a Masters Degree...


A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!: Nathan Calvin Wheeler (90) : Melba Fielding Wheeler (85)

Nathan C. Wheeler and his sweetheart of over 65 years, Melba Fielding Wheeler, will be celebrating milestone birthdays. Nathan, our beloved dad and grandpa will turn 90 and Melba, our treasured mother and grandmother turned 85. Nathan C. Wheeler was born May 7, 1926 to Nathan Andrew Wheeler and...

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