Children are going hungry this summer in Weber County. You can help them eat

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The working poor don’t get a break from hunger just because it’s summer. Neither do...


America's growing racial divide flies in the face of reason

Police Shootings Dallas-1

The remake of a 1977 epic TV miniseries “Roots” required re-examination of data relative to the history of slavery in America. The 2016 version of “Roots” traces the journey of slaves as they became “freemen” then citizens of the USA. Important events along the...


Trump's "rookie mistake" isn't acceptable

GOP 2016 Convention Trump Pence Flag

According to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump's remarks on NATO can be attributed to a “rookie mistake.” Such mistakes are OK when you are an Ogden Raptor in the rookie league. However, for the person who has control of the nuclear button and is the commander in...

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How Hillary Clinton can take advantage of the Cleveland calamity

Campaign 2016 Clinton 7-23-16

“Clinton cannot rely on voters' disgust with Donald Trump to elect her president,” writes Jennifer Rubin. “In 2012, Mitt Romney learned it is not enough to slam the other guy.”

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Sizing up Trump and Clinton on foreign policy

Campaign 2016 Clinton Profile

Hillary Clinton believes in diplomacy backed by military strength. What Donald Trump believes about foreign policy is anybody’s guess.

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In Trump and the GOP convention, echoes of Hitler's rhetoric

Donald Trump Cleveland

“The grandest of marketeers, Trump has cast a spell over a swath of America, inspiring them not with soaring rhetoric but with dark harbingers of worse to come,” writes Kathleen Parker. “In the familiar way of despots, tyrants and kings, he has made the many feel better by...


In the Netherlands, dogs were welcome in restaurants

Bark at the Park

While spending 21 years in the military all over the United States and Europe, I saw many unusual things. In the Netherlands, everyone washed their windows (inside and out) and their sidewalks unless it snowed or rained. They also aired out their beds and bedding on a daily basis. One day I did a...


Diner delighted by Burger King's arrival in Farr West

Burger King

I am thrilled beyond words that Burger King has finally arrived at 2700 North in Farr West. I have been writing to the corporate office for years trying to get them to realize we needed a Burger King out here. They finally listened to me. I guess the squeaky wheel does get oiled. Many times, I have...

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With Tim Kaine, there is more than meets the eye

Campaign 2016 Tim Kaine

People thought Tim Kaine was boring. They were wrong — he’s the perfect choice for Hillary Clinton’s running mate, writes Jonathan Capehart.

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Who deserves praise and criticism this week?

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The crews who battled Northern Utah wildfires all weekend are heroes, pure and simple. But gangsters put innocent lives at risk Tuesday in Ogden,

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Clinton's Philadelphia vs. Trump's Cleveland

Campaign 2016 Clinton-Kaine

Donald Trump tried to convince voters America is on the verge of collapse. Hillary Clinton will offer a more hopeful vision built on Obama’s legacy, writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

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