To improve safety at Odyssey Elementary, we also need to address homelessness

Lead BZ 100616 Odyssey Elementary 01

We need to protect the children who attend Odyssey Elementary. But we can’t do that unless we...


Americans voted to make history 8 years ago and it was a disaster

H. Ross Perot

“Listen up, buttercup!” That was the standard beginning for the drill sergeant in Army basic training when he felt his one of his “charges” was on the wrong track. Am I the only Utahn who remembers the name of H. Ross Perot and that the result of his third-party campaign...

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If you're voting in Utah, go ahead — take a ballot selfie. It's legal

LA Premiere of "Trolls" - Arrivals Tiimberlake

Technically, Justin Timberlake violated Tennessee law when he posted a photograph of himself voting. Which raises a question — is it legal to take a ballot selfie in Utah?

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The bottomless ignorance of Donald Trump

Campaign 2016 Trump Hotel

“No presidential candidate can know everything about all the issues that will come before him or her,” writes Steve Chapman. “Trump is unusual in lacking the most basic knowledge about any of them.”

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What Evan McMullin is attempting in Utah is kind of unprecedented

Campaign 2016 Evan McMullin

No presidential candidate has focused so intently on just one state and won it, writes Aaron Blake.


Nancy Blair would bring a fresh perspective to the Ogden School Board

Ogden School District Logo

It has been a long time since an experienced classroom teacher has served on the Ogden School Board. Knowing Nancy Blair, and knowing that she is a wonderful advocate for children and teachers, we feel she would bring a totally new perspective to the board. Nancy would serve with dignity and...


Republicans have only themselves to blame for Trump

Campaign 2016 Debate Trump

Emblematic of the Trump campaign has been the initial moment when Donald and Melania took the down escalator in the Golden Tower. That escalator has been going down ever since, and it seems that there is no bottom in sight — and nowhere to exit. As Trump reaches for and embraces ever-new lows,...


Outtakes: Halloween memories and 'The Walking Dead' musings

Don Porter Zombie Crawl

Halloween has always been one of the best holidays, columnist Don Porter writes, and not just because of the opportunity to eat a lot of candy. 

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Utahns have 25 presidential choices. Mickey Mouse isn't one of them

Campaign 2016 Mormons-2

Utah’s presidential ballot lists 10 candidates. But if you try writing in Mitt Romney or Bernie Sanders, your vote won’t count.


We could develop a better election system — if we agreed on the problems

MH 062816 Polls 03-3

“Plenty of technological and procedural processes could make U.S. elections more accurately reflect voter sentiment — if we could agree on the problem,” writes David Ferro.


Tech Matters: Common sense about counterfeit technology

leslie meredith tech matters web sig.jpg

While counterfeit goods have long been a problem in the electronics industry, we don’t expect to find them at one of the world’s biggest online retailers — Amazon.

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