Opioid deaths — another drug war failure

Fatal overdose

Jeff Sessions says marijuana is “only slightly less awful” than heroin. Tell it to...


Utah lawmakers found a way around the 21st Amendment

SW 022717 Harp Hound BAC Ogden bar 02

In 1933, the U.S. Congress passed the 21st Amendment to the Constitution, thus ending Prohibition. In 2017, the Utah Legislature found a way around that amendment when it lowered the BAC limit to .05. Instead of outlawing alcohol outright, our legislators made it as difficult as possible to drink...


KUED-TV is a tremendous value for Utahns

KUED logo

We’ve all heard about the cuts proposed in the president’s budget that include elimination of funding for public broadcasting. We also know from the experience of running our own households that prudent budgeting requires a prioritization of expenditures based upon how valuable they are...

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When you're the president, there's no such thing as "just a tweet"

Trump Russia Comey

“Every administration gets knocked off its game early on by something,” writes Rich Lowry. “What makes the furor over President Trump's wiretapping claims so remarkable is how unnecessary it is.”

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With money to pay off its loan, Lantern House can continue to help the homeless

BS 022916 Lantern House Bill 01

Whatever happens to the homeless now living in Salt Lake City, Lantern House can continue to help people find food, shelter and medical care. Perhaps more important, it can help some of those clients find jobs and long-term housing.

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Outtakes: If the US did a 'Happiness Report,' Utah would be at the bottom

Don Porter

The United States is No. 14 on the United Nations’ list of the happiest countries. If the US did its own report, where would Utah end up?

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Put down your device and try talking with someone

Pokemon No Go

“I quit Twitter and Facebook last year and highly recommend it for anyone questioning the value of such ‘social’ engagement in their lives,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.


Cars speeding through crosswalks putting students at risk

BZ 081915 School Traffic Safety 02

I am a crossing guard at Second Street and Madison Avenue. Since school started on Aug. 23, 2016, I have had eight cars drive through the crosswalk when children or I were in it. Many drivers go 35 to 40 mph, even with the 20-mph flashing lights on. I am convinced the chief of police is not...

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The ACA isn't a sensible health care plan. Neither is the GOP alternative

Congress Health Overhaul-4

“We have not yet found the right solution for health insurance,” writes Jeff Steagall.

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Scrapefest attracts car-show crowds to Farmington over weekend


‘Stanced’ vehicles on display over the weekend at Legacy Events Center in Farmington.

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Utah's drought is over — for now. But we still need to conserve water

Drought Farming-6

We just emerged from a six-year drought. If we learned anything from the experience, we cannot begin wasting water. Not for a single day.

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