Obama, Trump and the power of "we"

DEM 2016 Convention Obama

“However divided the country became under Obama, he always signaled that he saw himself as...

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Eliminating Utah concealed carry permit is a bad idea, just like it was in 2013

Concealed Weapons Permit

Rep. Lee Perry fancies himself a Mr. Fix-It for a set of statutes that already seem to work pretty well. 


Trump isn't just undesirable, he's unqualified for the presidency

GOP 2016 Convention Trump

Jan. 20, 2017, will mark one of the biggest mistakes this country has ever made. Somehow an electoral minority became convinced that a man with no pertinent experience could effectively run — even improve on — our complex system of governing 320 million souls. The past few months have...

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The shameful war on Betsy DeVos

Trump Education Secretary-1 DeVos

“The ideological war over educational choice won't be settled anytime soon. What's clear is that poor parents value it, and that they have a friend in Betsy DeVos,” writes Rich Lowry.

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When Sundance abandoned Ogden, it gave up on a community of fans and artists

Film Sundance Robert Redford 2016 Park City

Organizers of the Sundance Film Festival decided Ogden no longer deserves a significant role in Utah arts and culture. They need to reconsider.


Homefront: Meryl Streep's acceptance speech to wrong audience

APTOPIX The 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show-1

Consumers pay actors to be entertained. If they want political insight, Hollywood is the last place on Earth they’ll look for it, because they believe there isn’t a segment of the population more removed from reality.

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On ethics, Trump Is no Obama

Trump dinner

“Obama's view was that he should be careful to avoid scandal,” writes Steve Chapman. “Trump's view is that for him, there is no such thing.”


Search for the real Jesus leads woman back to Taoism


I’m a married mother of two children, and I have tried many churches and cults. After reading the New Testament 14 times, it guided me back to Taoism in a different way. Taoism says a lot of what Jesus talks about in the New Testament. Sadly, there is only one article on the internet implying...

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Ogden's SparkPoint Center at Cottages of Hope— a new approach to assistance

Arthur Elston Cottages of Hope

The SparkPoint Center at Cottages of Hope is pioneering a new, integrated approach to helping Northern Utah families become self-sufficient, writes Jeff Steagall. 

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Utah struck a deal with Amazon to collect online sales taxes. You deserve the

Trump and Tech-1

Utah says you don't need to know the details of its sales tax deal with Amazon. The state is wrong

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Demonizing sugar isn't the most effective way to combat obesity

The Case Against Suger

“Considering its many charms, white-knuckled fear of sugar isn't likely the best preventive,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.

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