We've started to reduce childhood food insecurity, but we can't stop now

SW 031716 Pantry Packs 01

We helped nearly 1,500 Weber County children escape food insecurity. Now let’s do the same for the...


Gochnour will bring a new perspective to the Weber County Commission

BZ 091614 Hispanic Heritage Meeting 05-4

We are supporting Caitlin Gochnour for Weber County commissioner, and we strongly urge you to vote for her in the upcoming Republican primary election. We became personal friends with Caitlin many years ago after she, her husband, and their family moved from Panguitch, Utah, back to her hometown of...

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Doctors have the right to perform abortions

Oklahoma abortion

Oklahoma’s proposed abortion ban was illegal, writes Noah Feldman. But not for the reason you might think.

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Building new bus stops will make mass transit more appealing in Ogden

Secondary BS 051616 Bus Stop 02-2

The UTA and Ogden plan to upgrade some of the city’s worst bus stops this year. That’s going to make mass transit safer and more appealing.

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Making fun of transgender people is so Jim Crow

LGBT Rights-Legal Milestones

The same language once used against African-Americans, gays and Jews is now aimed at transgender people. It’s not funny, writes Steve Chapman.


What does 'maybe' mean? Whatever you need it to

louise brown web sig.jpg

D. Louise Brown writes about how a little five letter word can help or hinder life’s littlest and biggest decisions.


Build toll booths to raise money for roads in Washington Terrace

Toll Booth

Washington Terrace is a bedroom community. We don’t have much of a tax base. Our roads were never designed to support the traffic that we have seen the last few years. I would suggest that the mayor of Washington Terrace send a letter to the surrounding cities asking them to start...

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Is it time to ask Mitt Romney to run?

Bob Bennett Funeral

“Romney is not ideal,” writes Jennifer Rubin, “but the GOP passed ideal in March. Romney is a plausible, qualified grown-up.”

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After telling the public to get lost, the UTA suddenly sees the light

UTA bus

It took threats and condemnation to convince the UTA board to honor the Open Meetings Act. And that’s just sad.

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Low-income students face a knowledge gap outside the classroom

Nation's Report Card 2016

The Nation’s Report Card contains some encouraging news, writes Esther J. Cepeda. But it also shows that kids from poor families and underfunded schools simply don’t know as much as their better-off peers.

Guest Commentary

Facebook and the politics of news

Facebook Trending Topics

Facebook says it conveys news without bias. Conservatives aren’t so sure, writes David Ferro.

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