Climbers scale 'the outdoor gym' at the Ninth Street Crag above Ogden

BZ 051816 Rock Climbing 02-1

On a warm spring evening, dozens of climbers filled the boulders and cliffs of the Ninth Street...


Utah's porn health crisis ignores those who see benefits of x-rated material

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After Utah’s legislature backed a resolution declaring pornography a “public health crisis,” some experts say couples could experience some positive effects from the material.


Guilt, shame high among church members who view pornography

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While debate raves as to the “public health crisis” level porn recently achieved in Utah, there’s a strong consensus among Christian groups in the state: pornography is a sin.


London hammock-tent maker Tentsile chooses Ogden for first-ever store

Tentsile inside

Tentsile, a London company, chose Ogden as the location for its very first store. The company makes hammock-style tents that hang from trees and came to Ogden for a grand opening May 7, 2016.


Ogden storytelling project for inner city youth receives RAMP support

Betty Sawyer spearheading youth storytelling program

Inner city youth in Ogden will get a chance to write their own stories this summer as part of a brand new program sponsored by Project Success Coalition. The program, called “Griots & Grioetts: My Town, My Story,” is one of 38 area projects which received “EZ Awards,...


Science behind Utah's declaration against pornography debated

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The resolution signed by Gov. Gary Herbert sparked national attention. But how was the declaration crafted and what do experts in the field have to say about it?


What is the definition of porn in Utah? It's not exactly clear

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After a resolution was signed by Gov. Gary Herbert, questions about the nature of porn have popped up. What constitutes porn and how do prosecutors treat porn cases?


Lightning damages angel Moroni statute atop Bountiful LDS temple

LDS Temple Moroni

Lightning has struck the angel Moroni statue on top of the Mormon temple in Bountiful.


A long life, built-in armor, cool colors: Turtle power!


Imagine being a turtle — hunting for worms, insects, plants or even other turtles’ eggs to eat, or burying yourself in mud or leaf piles for the winter. If you were a box turtle, you would be among the only reptiles able to completely withdraw into a shell, closing it tightly for protection....


Lend helping hand to those obnoxious movie-goers

TX. Movies

The movie theater is a place for overpriced snacks and to spend time with friends, without actually talking to one another, in a dark room for several hours. Unfortunately, some people are intent on destroying your sweet silence and relaxation time at the movies. You know the people I’m talking...


The TX. 10: Best Singers in History

Elvis Stamp

1. Elvis Presley 2. The Beatles 3 . Michael Jackson 4. Whitney Houston 5. Prince • List continues below video  6. Halsey 7. Celine Dion 8. Boston 9. Michael Barnes 10. Elton John —- Kennedy Robins, Northridge High

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