Utah 1st Congressional candidates speak on plans to solve opioid epidemic

SW Photo Illustration opioid epidemic 01

What do Rob Bishop and Peter Clemens think about the opioid epidemic — and what Utah...


Leading a ride without losing riders

Sand Hollow ATV ride 2

When I bought my first machine in 1993, I was like anyone with a new machine: Now, what do I do? Where can I ride? I didn’t have a circle of friends with ATVs. I was shopping during the Thanksgiving weekend when I noticed a guy wearing a T-shirt with the name of a Salt Lake ATV club. I...


West Point's 'Team Ashlynn' inspires people beyond half-marathons

WEB ONLY ashlynn nelson walking a race

When Ashlynn Nelson was born, the doctor’s predictions were bleak. The West Point girl was diagnosed with Polymicrogyria at first, then MPPH Syndrome — a rare disorder that affects muscle tone, vision and brain function, among other things. But now, Ashlynn has inspired dozens...


Blind Clearfield man's latest feat: Hunting a mature elk after waiting 18 years

BW 09262016 James Cabrey Blind Hunter 007-6

James Cabrey has conquered wrestling, education, work and hunting without sight or sound. Cabrey and his hunting buddy and sighter, Darel Webb, killed a 750-pound elk bull last week.


Ogden Nature Center event to highlight Northern Utah authors, artist


Authors Sara Dant and Dan Flores will discuss their books at an upcoming Ogden Nature Center event, where artist Michal Onyon’s work will also be on display.


LDS church removes verse connecting rape and chastity from girls' workbook

Boy Scouts Gays Utah

A controversial verse from the Book of Mormon said to link rape and chastity has been removed from a workbook that girls in the Jesus Christ Church of Latter-Day Saints are required to study.

GF Strategies

Gluten-free roasted tomato recipe can spice up your pasta, chili, pizza, more

Roasted tomatoes cooking food

From the Community writer Marie Kawaguchi shared her recipe for gluten-free roasted tomatoes.


Utah judge OKs lawsuit over delayed defendant treatment, hospital crowding


The Disability Law Center is suing in U.S. District Court, saying defendants’ rights are violated by waiting six months or more for treatment to restore their mental competency so they can stand trial.

From the Community

FROM THE COMMUNITY: How I reconciled my duty to God with my duty to my country


From the Community contributor Dee W. Flitton shares how he went from dreading being drafted into the military to considering it a blessing. 


These days, parenting looks a lot harder than it was

SW 030316 Meg Johnson Parenting 01

Columnist Mark Saal laments how quickly children are forced to grow up these days.


Wild game adds variety to Utahns' meals

BZ 092016 Wild Game 05-4

When it comes to cooking wild game or wild birds, most cook it just like they would the meat and fowls they would buy from a store.

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