Ogden to host first refugee foster care orientation


Ogden will hold its first refugee foster care orientation at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 2. Catholic...


Pleasant View's Mike Wiggill remembered as true Santa

Lead MH 112616 Electric Light Parade 01

While Christmas put Mike Wiggill in the spotlight each year, he was a man who served behind the scenes all year long, said those who knew him best. The man known for playing Santa at Ogden’s Christmas Village is remembered as one who became happy because of his unyielding service to others.


4 local eateries named among Utah’s best restaurants

kw 022415 Tona 8-27

Four local eateries have been named among Utah’s best restaurants in Salt Lake magazine’s 2017 Dining Awards.


Trout Bum: Fishing with the best

Spencer Durrant fly fishing

“Fly-fishing is a visual sport and I’m a visual learner, so watching is the best way for me to see just what I need to change in my angling approaches.”


Oregon wants to host Outdoor Retailer show

Outdoor Retail Show

Oregon tourism officials are courting a trade show for outdoor retailers that left Utah after the state's stance on public lands sparked some brands to boycott the biannual event

Business , Home & Garden

Northern Utah day care violations include 6 child walkaways, state data shows

Day care inspections Northern Utah

Six times in the past five years, children have been found by passers-by after wandering out of Northern Utah day care centers, state inspection data shows. Walkaways, lax supervision, choking and hanging hazards, incidents of physical punishment, sanitation lapses and failures in criminal...


Q&A: Immigrant discusses Black History Month, learning to 'see' one another

SW 021517 Nicola Corbin WSU Communication Department 01

Weber State assistant professor shares her perspective on living as a black woman in Utah.


'Treasures' we refuse to throw away

TX. Treasures

As I considered what exactly I adored in my life, ideas raced through my brain from my first guitar to my aged soccer ball. What will you value most when you are 90 years old? Sometimes, all we have are certain items to remind us of sentimental moments that we went through. A good friend of mine...


Feminism not scary — and not a ‘dirty' word


“Feminism — noun : the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes” is the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition, having been used since 1895. eThis is not to say that feminism is about men, but it is for those who are discriminated against, for the...


Pop into hits of punk powerhouses

Fall Out Boy

Welcome to our generation's version of punk rock — pop punk. Pop punk is a fused genre, combining elements of punk rock and elements of pop music. The end result is loud and fast: lots of chord changes and distorted electric guitar sounds accompany pop-influenced lyrics, voices and...


19 TX-bottomline

TX. Windmill

Windmills are typically associated with Holland but they were actually first created in Persia around 650 A.D.  

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