Jeff Sessions' frightening ideas about justice

Trump Easter Egg Roll Sessions

“You don't have to live on an island to worry about what Sessions is doing in the name of...


Nicholas Sanchez made bad choices, but he was a friend

BS 033117 Roy PD Shooting Still 04-3

“What did I do? What did I do?” Those are the words that ring in my head every time I think about Nicholas Sanchez. To those of you who did not know him, he was a thug, a felon, a man with a criminal past. To those of us who were blessed to have him in our lives, he was a son, a friend,...

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Trump tax plan is a trail of broken promises

Trump 100-Businessman President

“Mnuchin's claim that these tax cuts will spur extraordinary economic growth and pay for themselves is a fantasy, belied by experience,” writes Albert Hunt.

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If you know who killed Cinnamon, do the right thing — call the police

Horse shooting 6 Cinnamon

Whoever killed a gentle quarter horse in a Roy pasture is still at large. And that’s troubling.

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The importance of minority teachers in our schools

Minority Teachers-1

America’s teacher force is becoming more diverse, writes Esther J. Cepeda, but minority teachers aren’t evenly distributed in our public schools.


People don't want Trump messing with Obamacare

Trump National Monuments-2

I am tired of President Donald Trump's attempts to mess up the Affordable Care Act. I and most of the people of the United States, according to the polls, do not want the president to change Obamacare. The newest push is for people with pre-existing health conditions to be excluded and to cut...


The Homefront: Parents who defend guilty kids harm everyone

Antique Faded Blue Private Property No Trespassing Sign

Police in Massachusetts served a sixth-grade girl with a no-trespassing order after neighbors complained she was cutting through their properties to get to and from her school bus stop.

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So, Tom Perez, can a Democrat be pro-life or not?

Democrats Sanders Youth Mello

“Perez appears to have made a pretty stunning and bold declaration about the party's new platform on abortion rights without talking to the likes of Pelosi,” writes Aaron Blake.


ATV Adventures: Lost Springs Mesa reveals rugged terrain and 'Mexican skirts'

Lost Springs Mesa bridge

Lost Spring Mountain, called Lost Springs Mesa by the locals, is in the Arizona Strip of the Southwest. It is offers beautiful scenery and rock art.

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Utah is on the verge of becoming a no-kill state. You can help. Adopt a pet

Spitz the Cat

The NKUT Super Adoption is Friday and Saturday in Farmington. There’s never been a better time to get a pet. Or a better reason.

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A bold attempt to reduce opioid overdose deaths

Exchange Syringe Exchange

Injection centers are spreading because they work, writes Steve Chapman.

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