Trump is running the government like a business — a failing business

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“No competent business executive would operate a company the way Trump has operated his...

Behind Bars

Behind Bars: What's the goal of prison, correction or punishment?

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The big prison debate: Rehabilitation through education and programs or through punishment? 

Our View

Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

BN 031417 Robotics Team 02

See who else earned praise and criticism this week. 

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Health care coverage is the GOP's problem now

Trump Health Overhaul Media

“Nothing good will come of the Obamacare repeal-and-replace debate,” writes Rich Lowry. “If anything resembling the current bill passes and is signed into law, Republicans will spend years trying to fix it.”

Our View

Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

BN 031417 Robotics Team 02

This week’s topics: Weber School District’s robotics teams, U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop,, the Ogden Police Department and Sage the cat.

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The GOP's lost health care conscience

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“The debacle that is Trumpcare, aka Ryancare — both President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan own this thing — is a reminder that conservatism has gone haywire,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.


We need to defend free speech, especially when it offends

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Two quick comments. First, our newspaper, the Standard-Examiner, does not report fake news. It has integrity and honesty. That is its lifeblood. I subscribe to it, and have since 1981, for two main reasons: 1) It tries hard to keep politicians honest by constantly exposing them. That is what keeps...


Reader hates daylight saving time, misses long, dark summer evenings

Spring Forward

I guess it’s time to get my opinion out of mothballs again. I hate daylight saving time. It takes a month for my body to accept the time change. Do you know where MST begins? In Kansas. It makes sense if you live in Denver. The sun pops out of the prairie early in the morning, but if you live...

Guest Commentary

The war on terror claims a soldier of compassion — and a dear friend

Kurt Cochran news obit

“The hand of compassion on my shoulder was taken away; the war on terror continues. This is about all of us,” writes E. Kent Winward.

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How an abandoned Ogden firehouse became a place of hope for the homeless

BS 032017 Ogden Fire House 02 -1 Griffin Sign

Family Promise helped Ogden understand the potential of an old firehouse. And, as a result, families now stand a better chance of staying together as they find homes and jobs.

National Commentary

Why health care can't be fixed

Health Overhaul Tax Reform Ryan

“Trump has led voters to believe they can have all the stuff they want and none of the stuff they resent,” writes Steve Chapman. “But neither he nor anyone else has found a plausible way to accomplish that.”

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