If you live in Weber County, here's your chance to ask a $7.4 million question

SW 081516 Weber Tax Hearing 02

The Weber County Commission wants to raise property taxes by 22 percent. But first, you get to have...


Put in a flashing crosswalk light at 33rd and Wall before it's too late

MH 062216 Lantern House 11-10

Now that we’re in the holidays, turning our attention to those who have fallen on hard times, I’m writing to argue for a flashing pedestrian crosswalk light at the intersection of 33rd Street and Wall Avenue in Ogden. Since the Lantern House shelter opened its new facility, I’m...


George E. Wahlen Veterans Home grateful for community support

LEAD BS 011515 Fighter Pilots 04-18

The George E. Wahlen Ogden Veterans Home would like to thank the outstanding community in which we live. Throughout the year, numerous community organizations and individuals contribute time, effort, and money to provide additional services and resources in support of the veterans home. Our...

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Thursday could've been a bloodbath in Bountiful. We are grateful it wasn't

Utah Middle School Gun Fired-4

As a community, we are grateful to all those who acted on behalf of our children their teachers Thursday at Mueller Park Junior High School.

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Is partisan gerrymandering unconstitutional?

GOP 2016 Walker-2

“In the end,” writes Steve Chapman, “partisan gerrymandering is not really aimed at frustrating the party that is out of power. It's aimed at foiling voters who might want to remove politicians from office.”

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No, Donald Trump won't drain the swamp

Trump Mnuchin

“The swamp will endure; it always does,” writes Rich Lowry. “This doesn't mean that a Trump administration can't make the swamp a little less important.”


Reader recommends a "Positive Mental Attitude Diet"


I am thankful for many things, one of which in particular I will mention. Living in Kansas in 1973, I picked up a newspaper containing an article by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale titled, “If You Want to be Happy, go on a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) Diet.” Being a big fan of diets, I...

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Point/Counterpoint: Is the Electoral College the best way to elect a president?

AP Explains Electoral College

Weber State political science professors Thom Kuehls and Leah Murray will debate the effectiveness of the Electoral College in a Dec. 5 forum at WSU. Here’s an idea of what to expect.

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Colorado college students left their mark on Utah. Now they need to clean it up

National Monument Utah

The next time Fort Lewis students seek spiritual enlightenment in an ancient landscape, send them to another state. Utah’s antiquities can’t take the kind of yoga practiced by Coloradans.

Me, Myself as Mommy

I’ve morphed into an uber-adult version of my mother — and I’m grateful for it

meg sanders new print sig.jpg

Now that Meg Sanders is past her 20-something know-it-all phase, she appreciates her years of milage and the wisdom that’s come with them.


Ogden Ace: Where to find your holiday tunes in Utah

notes and Christmas balls

Our local expert counts down the sources for your favorite Christmas music.

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