Utah, it's inexcusable that Lee, Love and Stewart are unopposed

Utah Conventions-3

More candidates need to pursue signature-gathering as an option. It’s the best way to make...

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Communities reacted well to windstorm's damage

It was a rough weekend windstorm that hit northern Utah. The highest winds were in Farmington at 91 mph. It was not catastrophic, public damage is limited; some cities reported minimal damage.  However, the private damage tally is high. Cities reported damage as high as several hundred...

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Delaying execution isn't cruel and unusual

Justice Stephen Breyer is against the death penalty — but not because it’s morally wrong. He briefly reiterated his arguments Monday when dissenting from the court’s refusal to hear a California death row inmate’s case. First, he said the death penalty may be...

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Do you hate Trump voters? You've got a problem


Utah needs to expand Medicaid coverage to those at 138 percent of poverty level

The Medicaid expansion issue is not new, though parts are not widely known. Utah Rep. Robert Spendlove wants to expand Medicaid to those living at or below 100 percent of the federal poverty level; he believes that bills proposed at the federal level did not give enough control to the state to...

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Billy Joel was wrong: Walking alone in Bed-Stuy isn't completely crazy

Columnist Mark Saal reflects on his vacation to New York City with his wife, where he learned that Billy Joel was wrong — it’s not crazy to walk in Bed-Stuy alone.

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Our View: Test cannabis as a treatment for addiction

Utah just had a long, contentious debate over whether cannabis should be used as medicine. Despite popular support, enough legislators said no.  Voters may reverse the Legislature next year, when backers are expected to put access to medical marijuana on the ballot as an initiative. It’s...

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Universal basic income should be the next big thing

Now and then a worthy economic proposal comes along that seems as politically unattainable as it is sensible. Then, on closer inspection, you see that it’s more than a policy-wonk’s fantasy. And you wonder whether it could actually prevail. This may be happening with the concept of a...

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Politicians today could use more Hollywood style

In an episode from the final season of “The West Wing,” a journalist asks Republican presidential candidate Arnold Vinick (played by Alan Alda) about a rumor that a flag was burned in the White House at a birthday party for the president’s daughter. Vinick replies that it was a...


Marriott-Slaterville church loves spreading the word about bees

As one of the beekeepers at the Marriott-Slaterville First United Methodist Church, I want to let you know what a great local story you published (“Beekeeping ministry teaches stewardship of the earth,” April 23 Standard-Examiner). We really enjoyed putting Sarah Welliver and JaNae...

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Sanders' next crusade may be for attention

“Now that he's used to being a big deal, he's going to want the campaign treatment to continue. That could be tough.” writes Francis Wilkinson.

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