Column: Trump inauguration a sight to behold, unless you're Orrin Hatch

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Standard Deviations: If you missed the presidential inauguration, you should probably be beaten...


Obama supporter hopes First Amendment, democracy survive Trump

Obamas depart

My audacity of hope started in of 2008, the first election in my 50-plus years that I worked phone banks, knocked on doors, donated money, wrote letters and used social media to share what I believed was needed to save our country from a second Great Depression. It was an uphill battle to elect the...

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Three technologies that could lead to cleaner air in Utah

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Northern Utahns want cleaner air. David Ferro discusses three technologies that could help.

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Thanks to the Miller family, the Jazz are here to stay in Utah

Jazz Ownership Transfer Basketball-1

We’ll always have the Jazz. And for that, we can thank the Miller family.

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Layton man celebrates 100th birthday into the wee hours of the morning

Philip Bergeson

Former dairy farmer wakes family in the middle of the night by banging his cane on a trash can and singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to himself.

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Millennials need to learn about losing

Trump Campus Protests Rutgers-6

Millennials need to understand that Donald Trump’s election was a political setback — not the end of the world, writes Catherine Rampell.


Send illegal immigrants back to their home country

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I am very tired of these news stories being written about the poor illegals and their plight to remain in the U.S., such as the one written about the woman from El Salvador (”Utah immigrant promises Trump inauguration won’t end her fight,” Jan. 18). This story was written in the...

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You should pray for Donald Trump no matter how you voted

Trump Inauguration Oath

“As Donald Trump takes office as the 45th president of the United States, we should pray that his presidency is a great and good one,” writes Russell Moore.

Behind Bars , Guest Commentary

Behind Bars: Most inmates don't dwell on the overwhelming ugliness of prison

Brian Wood Behind Bars new sig

“It would be difficult to interact with certain people on a daily basis if I put too much thought into what they have done,” inmate Brian Wood writes. 

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Thumbs down to Jason Chaffetz; Kudos to Mia Love

Clinton Emails-1

Utah elected officials get mixed reviews; Bravo Arts Academy gets called out for acting childishly; and we couldn’t be prouder of a certain Wood Cross police officer. 

National Commentary

President Trump: Radical, divisive and bleak

Trump Inauguration speech

“Trump offered a take-no-prisoners message,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.  “His adversaries will respond in the same spirit.”

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