Our View: Thumbs up, thumbs down

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Thumbs up: To 92-year-old Morgan resident Keith R. Little: The World War II Navy veteran received some well-deserved medals and ribbons recently. Long overdue, they were earned during his service for

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A climate for change: The U.S. can help drive a new round of

Probably the most persuasive argument against U.S. action on global warming is China. No U.S.-only initiative can stop the planet from warming. Any effective

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Bicycling in Utah

This morning while walking I noticed at least 20 people riding bikes—some for exercise, some to commute to jobs and others for the joy of feeling fresh air on

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CBO: Why VA claims exploded and ways to slow the trend

America’s population of living veterans fell by almost five million, or 17 percent, from 2000 to 2013. So why did the number of veterans drawing disability

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It’s a beautiful time to be alive and educated

The following is the commencement address the author gave at Hult International Business School in San Francisco last week: I grew up watching “Star

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Discipline-less BYU at least has Jimmer-like Taysom

It … was … really … hard … to … watch … because … the … game … kept … starting … and

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Perry hams it up

The Texas governor's claims that he was indicted for merely exercising his veto power is a bunch of hokum. Lawyers will tell you that any good prosecutor could

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Four ways amnesty would harm Americans

White House insiders confidently predict that President Obama will soon issue an executive order that will grant deferred action to up to 5 million illegal aliens.

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Our View: Keep three Weber commissioners

On Wednesday, there will be a panel discussion and Q&A on whether Weber County should change its governing body from a three-member commission to a council of


Steve Olsen brings impartial representation

Editor: I see that Steve Olsen is running for the State Legislature to represent a midsection of Weber Co. which includes my area of Roy. Since moving to Weber

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Our View: Be aware of depression

The death of Robin Wil­liams re­cently has re­newed aware­ness of the in­creas­ing prob­lem of those who suf­fer from men­tal

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Discipline-less BYU at least has Jimmer-like Taysom

It … was … really … hard … to … watch … because … the … game … kept … starting … and...