Vote for Historic 25th as America's favorite Main Street

Ogden Pioneer Places 02-3

Historic 25th Street is a nominee for America’s best main street in USA Today’s Reader...


Utah kids can benefit from Summer Food Program, Double Up Food Bucks

Feeding America

I appreciate the Standard-Examiner for bringing attention to the issue of food insecurity among Utah children (”We've started to reduce childhood food insecurity, but we can't stop now,” May 22). Food insecurity, according to the USDA, occurs when “access to adequate food is...

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Weber County Dems, you've got a decision to make about the June 28 primary

Weber County GOP candidates debate the issues

Democrats, either you switch affiliations and register as a Republican for the June 28 primary, or you give up your chance to vote for the next Weber County commissioner. Your deadline is today.

National Commentary

Obama — America's first post-racial president. Or was he?

Obama Howard University

“Did Obama do enough to make good on his intentions, if not promises? We'll know in a generation or two, perhaps,” writes Kathleen Parker.


Former Weber County commissioner gives nod to Jim Harvey

Diesel testing, bike paths among issues debated

With the presidential race receiving so much attention, it tends to take our attention away from some of the local political races. One of those contests is our opportunity to elect a new Weber County commissioner. I had the opportunity to serve as a commissioner for 12 years. I enjoyed my...


South Jordan reader grateful to those serving in the military


A hearty thank-you to all veterans and all personnel currently serving in the U.S. military. God bless you and all your supportive families. God bless America. Love and praise forever. Deanna Miles South Jordan

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No matter what Utah lawmakers say, porn isn't a public health hazard

Pornography Health Crisis Utah

This isn’t a public health crisis, writes Mireille Miller-Young. It’s a sex panic.

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Who deserves praise and criticism this week in northern Utah?

BS 052515 Memorial Day Kaysville 19-13

Today, we reflect on those who died in service to their country. We also wonder why Sen. Orrin Hatch wrote about his meeting with Merrick Garland before it happened.

National Commentary

Obama reflects on the moral lessons of Hiroshima

APTOPIX Japan Obama Hiroshima-5

President Obama isn’t


Racial slur would probably die out if black people didn't use it, reader says

Teacher Racial Slur-1

It's interesting how much of a fuss a teacher’s recent use of the


North Ogden resident grateful for help from church, city after windstorm

WInd damage AE May 1 2016

My letters in this forum over the years have been more confrontational than conciliatory, but a change is in order, at least temporarily. This is a belated letter of thanks. A few weeks ago, a howling 80-mph wind blew over two big trees in our yard. What a mess. What to do? In the early afternoon...

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