Betsy DeVos may be the least of public education's worries

Trump-12 Devos

Our public education system faces any number of problems, writes Esther J. Cepeda. Betsy DeVos...


We need to be kind to one another, as Jesus taught

Hatch Longevity Milestone-1

What is the objective in all of the divisiveness in Congress? Why can’t people be good and kind to each other, as our Savior lived and taught? Sen. Orrin Hatch hit the nail on the head when he asked or said we need to be civil to each other. Actually, he said, “We all ought to be...


Utah's congressional delegation, Legislature and governor are all

Outdoor Retailer Show-4 Herbert

Like the outdoor retailers, I’m done with politics in Utah. Unlike them, however, I was born and raised here. But still, I’m done. The breaking point for the retailers and for me was Gov. Gary Herbert’s signing of the resolution urging President Donald Trump to rescind the Bears...

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At the U.S. Supreme Court, a family tries to extend the Constitution by 60 feet

Supreme Court Border Shooting

“Most of the time we live safely within the borders of our laws. Usually our lives don’t venture into dangerous territory, where the law and Constitution do not — and cannot — protect us,” writes E. Kent Winward.

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During a crisis, Utah law enforcement needs transparency, not secrecy

Ogden downtown shooting 12345

At a time of uncertainty — after a fatal officer-involved shooting or a prisoner’s death in custody — facts, details and honesty reassure a community. But a bill in the Utah House would create silence, instead.

Standard Deviations

Standard Deviations: Serious trust issue has developed between public, news

MARK SAAL SIG StandardDeviationsPRINT.jpg

It’s a dangerous road, this false narrative that news outlets are deliberately making up stories out of whole cloth.

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On immigration, Trump is willfully ignorant

Trump Naturalizations Immigrants

“It seems that our president is willfully ignoring the differences between different types of immigrants, lumping them all into one low-value pile,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.

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Love's plan to make birth control pills available OTC — a reader conversation

Mia Love Contraception-3

Should birth control pills be available without a prescription? U.S. Rep. Mia Love, R-Utah, thinks so.

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Trustworthy government statistics are a vital asset

Trump Conservatives-1

The president has a lot of power to mess with government statistics. Congress shouldn’t allow him to do it.

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President Trump and the "Madman Theory"

Trump Conservatives-5

An experienced, judicious foreign policy team and an inexperienced, unpredictable president. Can this arrangement work? Maybe, writes Charles Krauthammer.

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The Trump White House just inflicted a serious wound on itself


“To be clear, this was a request from a top Trump adviser that the FBI publicly knock down a story about an ongoing investigation into conduct by Trump's campaign,” writes Greg Sargent. “And after the FBI refused this request, Trump blasted the FBI on Twitter.”

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