Public lands raise revenue for Utah

Utah Federal Lands

At the rally to save Bear Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante, I met a young man who thinks Donald...

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Diesel emissions testing results — an S-E reader conversation

BZ 082516 Diesel Testing 01

Between January and November, nearly 20 percent of the diesels tested in Weber County failed an emissions test. Here’s what readers had to say.

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Trump's disgusting attempt to smear Kirsten Gillibrand

APTOPIX Trump Gillibrand-1

Now we see a mind so narcissistic it conjures images of receiving sexual favors from a Senate candidate and so depraved it invokes them in a raw attempt to silence legitimate concern.

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A healthy Republican Party can only be built on the ruins of this one

Alabama Senate-2

“In GOP losses such as the Alabama Senate race, it is not rogue Republican voters (or non-voters) who are at fault. It is the blind ideologues who gave them an impossible choice,” writes Michael Gerson.


Saving coal is bad for the environment and bad economics

Coal Plants Pollution Rules

The Standard-Examiner published a Nov. 29 story discussing the Trump administration’s plan to prop up the coal industry (“Trump’s coal man is racing the clock to bail out plants. The plan would pay certain coal-fired power plants enough to maintain them “in the black”...

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Weber State plays as a college football team should play

Weber St James Madison Football-12

“On Dec. 8, it was refreshing, but all too rare, to see two teams of student athletes play a great game for no other reason than a love of playing football,” writes Michael Vaughan.

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You can still sign up for ACA coverage — but you need to do it today

Trump Free Insurance

The Affordable Care Act exists to extend health coverage to those who otherwise cannot access it. If that includes you, there’s no time to waste.

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Trump unintentionally advances sexual equality


“Trump has helped to create a new environment that is increasingly hospitable to his enemies. He's warming his hands on a fire that may eventually engulf him,” writes Steve Chapman.


Public lands raise revenue for Utah

Utah Federal Lands

At the rally to save Bear Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante, I met a young man who thinks Donald Trump is a great president. Trump had created a lot of jobs and more jobs would come from opening the monument areas to oil, mining, and drilling, he said. Here are the facts: The revenue from oil and...

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Responsible cannabis policy starts with honesty

SW 112917 BCTC Marijuana town hall 01

“While those we choose to lead and protect us use fear tactics and lies to misdirect and misinform the public about the issues surrounding medical cannabis, it will be the patients among us who continue to suffer needlessly,” writes Thomas Paskett.

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In Alabama, an upset victory for Doug Jones and common decency

Alabama Senate-6 Jones

This election turned out to be a referendum on decency. Moore and Trump lost. The country won.

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