Our View: Be aware of depression

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The death of Robin Wil­liams re­cently has re­newed aware­ness of the in­creas­ing prob­lem of those who suf­fer from men­tal ill­ness, in

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Our View: Ballot issues for UTOPIA

It’s certainly a good idea to let residents of UTOPIA-affected cities have a say on the broadband Internet initiative’s future, but it won’t be on

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What do we know about the Utes? Not much.

The funny thing about overreacting – or underreacting, for that matter – is you don’t know you’re doing it when you’re in

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An answer to global warming

A prominent member of Congress has proposed a comprehensive national climate-change plan. It’s only 28 pages long, it’s market-based, and it would put


God allows us to choose for ourselves

Editor, I was somewhat baffled at the letter from the gentleman of Salt Lake City. Not strictly from a theological standpoint, but a moral. (Letter to the


Farr West council split on lights

Editor, The article, “Farr West councilman wants to light up the city (Aug. 27), was no gift to readers who want objective and accurate coverage concerning


Arrogance alive and well in Roy

Editor, Re. Aug 27 article. "Roy leaders told chicken proponents to back off until further notice." Arrogance in our elected officials is alive and well in Roy

Guest Commentary

Ironic justice system: Drug dealer goes free, 16-year-old sent

What kind of a coun­try do we live in when a 16-year-old teen­ager is sen­tenced to prison (May 14 news ar­ti­cle, “16-year-old sent to

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Chuckie for Heisman? He needs a springboard

I got a note from Utah State quarterback Chuckie Keeton in the mail the other day. OK, it wasn’t an actual note, it was an entire notebook, so that’s

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Federal Reserve can wait to act on interest rates

The Federal Reserve has taken a consistent position on the “extraordinary measures” it has employed to salvage the stricken U.S. economy: Any withdrawal


'Healthy' food not the same for all

Editor, The article about school lunch upgrades needs a closer look. One upgrade was “hamburgers covered with a chili sauce made with legumes.”

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