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A quarantine spring

Teens throughout Northern Utah are finding their way through the new quarantine life — removed from school, friends, sports and social activities.But there are signs of spring to enjoy even in quarantine, as TX. photographer Peri Maynard, of Bear River High School, shows.1. Bicycle ...

Bottom Line trivia

Kiwi fruit has almost twice as much vitamin C per cup as an orange.[gallery_header ids="1098790,1098796"]

The TX. 10: Greatest Marvel movies

<strong>1.</strong> “Thor: Ragnarok” — I LOVE this movie. It’s hilarious, the effects are great and iconic, and the characters that the filmmakers introduce and reintroduce are awesome.<strong>2. “Spider-Man: Far From Home” ...

Aim for healthy dialogue on freedom of religion

As the weather warms and blossoms promise the arrival of spring, it’s hard to imagine the cold and early fall of 1620 that <a href="http://mayflowerhistory.com/bradford-william" target="_blank">William Bradfor</a>d and his humble congregation of Pilgrims faced.As ...

Change view; make most of ‘coronatime’

It was Friday the 13th when every school in Utah got canceled. Funny, huh?I guess it really is an unlucky day. It was the same day I realized there are three coronas that can kill you: the virus, the sun and the beer. Coincidence? I think not.Friday the 13th of March was also one of my favorite ...

The TX. 10: Best and worst things to find in Easter baskets

<strong>Must-haves</strong><strong>1. Peeps.</strong> Some people hate them but they’re so good, especially if you leave them out for a day or two.<strong>2. Books.</strong> High school makes it hard to read ...

Bottom Line trivia

An elephant’s trunk has more than 40,000 muscles; the entire human body has just 639 muscles.[gallery_header ids="1006388,1006392"]

Bottom Line trivia

A cat has 18 toes — five on each front paw and four on each back paw.[gallery_header ids="1007389,1007394"]

The TX. 10: Best activities to do in quarantine

<strong>1. Jackbox games.</strong> Jackbox is a series of video games that you can play right on your TV and on your phones. My family has gotten some of the games, and they are a ton of fun to play. I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs something to ...

Songs with meaning hit all the right notes

In our time and times past there have been songs that strike deep “chords” within our souls. There are songs that may last a lifetime for a person, and some that will last but a fleeting moment.Today, let's take a look at a list of some of the songs that you’ve either A) heard before, and ...