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The TX. 10: Animated characters who always make us laugh

1. Mike Wazowski2. Homer Simpson3. SpongeBob SquarePants4. Edna Mode5. Kevin (“Up”)6. Genie (“Aladdin”)7. Mushu (“Mulan”)8. Shaggy and Scooby-Doo9. Baymax (“Big Hero 6”)10. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck — their feud is an endless cycle of hilarity and fun.<em>— TX. ...

5 tips to rock online school

Due to COVID-19, some students’ greatest hopes and dreams have come true. School is out! For ... who knows how long!However, with this much needed “break” there come a few problems and issues. Students don’t have a lot of motivation to do homework to begin with, and preventing them from ...

Bottom Line trivia

A concert grand piano may be up to 9 feet long; a baby grand is usually about 5 feet long.[gallery_header ids="1106932,1106937,1106941"]

Bottom Line trivia

Grab some string and go fly a kite — March is National Kite Month.[gallery_header ids="1070252"]

The TX. 10: My favorite palindromes

1. Was it a cat I saw?2. Madam I’m Adam3. I did, did I?4. I prefer pi5. Racecar6. Rise to vote, sir7. Kayak8. Rotavator9. A Santa at NASA10. He did, eh<em>— Corinna Healey, DaVinci Academy</em>[gallery_header ids="1070015,1070020"]

Why stick with Electoral College?

What do Donald Trump, George W. Bush, Benjamin Harrison, Rutherford B. Hayes and John Quincy Adams all have in common?While each was president of the United States, there is a more exclusive connection these men share. Not a single one of them won the popular vote when they were elected ...

Mysteries cook up fun reading

The coronavirus is canceling classes, sports and meetings everywhere. As a result many students, like me, have a ton more free time.During the week that we have already had off school, I have been reading a lot more than I normally do. I have been reading the “<a ...

The TX. 10: Popular teen slang terms

<strong>1. Yeet:</strong> to throw an object forcefully<em>Example: You just need to yeet that cup in the trash.</em><strong>2. Dope:</strong> something someone thinks is really cool<em>Example: ...

Boost your room’s energy with feng shui

Springtime is approaching quickly. Where I live, the snow is already melting and the days are getting longer.With the start of spring, many people like to clean their houses thoroughly. Spring cleaning provides a great opportunity to reorganize and declutter. One process of organization to use ...

Great family times don’t need to cost a fortune

In today’s world, it’s difficult to find time to do things with your family. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles struggle to find ways to help their children and relatives create memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.It can be hard to appeal to all the age groups in a family ...