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The TX. 10: Popular teen slang terms

<strong>1. Yeet:</strong> to throw an object forcefully<em>Example: You just need to yeet that cup in the trash.</em><strong>2. Dope:</strong> something someone thinks is really cool<em>Example: ...

Celebrate, learn about America’s history

Throughout America’s history there have been many iconic events that shaped the country. Because of people, places and events, America became the country it is today.There are a lot of things that have created the beautiful and free country that has blessed all of our lives. If we go back in ...

The TX. 10: Best flowers that bloom in spring

<strong>1. Tulips.</strong> This one is obvious; tulips are the most iconic spring flowers, and they can come in many colors. My personal favorites are the multi-colored ones.<strong>2. Primroses:.</strong> No, this isn’t the girl from ...

Bottom Line trivia

About 20% of children who are allergic to peanuts eventually outgrow the allergy.[gallery_header ids="1105572,1105577"]

Bottom Line trivia

A person running at a pace of 1 mile every 12 minutes (5 mph) will log about 1,951 steps per mile.[gallery_header ids="1143821,1143825"]

The TX. 10: Pet peeves at the movie theater

<strong>1. Talking loudly.</strong> Discussion is fine, but I’d rather wait until I’ve seen the entire movie to hear everyone’s opinion on it.<strong>2. Crying loudly.</strong> Being sad about events in the movie is OK, but loud sobs ...

Remembering TV shows of our childhood

If you watched the basic TV channels as a child, such as Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, PBS or other related stations, you likely remember some of the nostalgic things that we as children used to watch.From the classic <a href="https://www.nick.com/shows/spongebob-squarepants" ...

The TX. 10: Dream classes we need to add at my school

<strong>1. Home Economics.</strong> I want to learn how to sew, like cross stitching or knitting<strong>2. Practical Math.</strong> How to open a bank account, tax matters … the works<strong>3. ...

Bottom Line trivia

The bark on a redwood tree can be up to 1 foot thick.[gallery_header ids="1111629,1111632"]