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Calling all teens to join TX. staff

We’re looking for teenagers to write stories, take photos and draw illustrations for our <a href="https://www.standard.net/lifestyle/tx/" target="_blank">weekly TX. teen sectio</a>n, which appears in print and online in the Standard-Examiner.There’s no one better ...

Bottom Line trivia

A baby porcupine is called a “porcupette.”[gallery_header ids="1019625"]

Surviving boot camp — conquering fear

Recently, I had the opportunity to go to youth conference with my church youth group. This year, we went to <a href="https://www.facebook.com/pages/Camp-Williams/136083273089359" target="_blank">Camp Williams, a kind of military camp in Bluffdal</a>e.Before even ...

‘Aladdin’ gives old story new twists

Few companies have touched as many hearts in their lifespan as Disney. Many of us remember growing up watching these animated masterpieces that really helped shape our worldview and humor.But over the last few years, Disney decided to mix up its formula by creating live-action remakes of some ...

The TX. 10: Things to put on your summer bucket list

1. Stargazing2. Go to a fair3. Go to a drive-in movie4. Watch the sunrise5. Go on a hike6. Visit the library7. Try hammock-ing or camping8. Make homemade Popsicles9. Go without using your phone for a day10. Visit a farmer’s market<em>— Annie Roe, Ogden ...

Bittersweet reflections on graduation

Mixed feelings about graduation?“Just going back to school after (my) mission. School isn’t over,” said graduate Slater Hart.Or, “It feels like nothing has changed because my mind graduated months ago! Now it’s onto the real life in college,” said graduate Eli Anderson.These ...