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The TX. 10: Best ice cream toppings

<strong>1. Peanuts</strong><strong>2. Milk!</strong> It may not fit in your normal range of ice cream toppings, but if you pour milk over your ice cream and give it a quick stir, you end up with a delicious, thick, milk- mustache-worthy ...

Bottom Line trivia

One dozen summer worker bees will only produce about 1 teaspoon of honey in their lifetime, which is about six weeks.[gallery_header ids="1151944,1151950"]

Greek myths enlighten modern life

Greek mythology is something that has had a huge impact on today’s culture. The mythology-inspired <a href="http://rickriordan.com/series/percy-jackson-and-the-olympians/" target="_blank">book series “Percy Jackson” by Rick Riordan</a>, for instance, has been ...

Bottom Line trivia

As the world celebrates Heart Day, it’s interesting to note some creatures do not have hearts — including sea cucumbers, starfish, jellyfish, coral and flatworms.[gallery_header ids="1152642,1152647"]

Celebrate Heart Day with sappy, sweet movies

You might think a romantic movie is the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming day of hearts and roses.Yet some love stories hit just the right combination of sweet notes, while others seem to be dripping with too much mush and silly stuff. In honor of Valentine's Day, we've picked a few ...

The TX. 10: Things you don’t know about the Utah Legislature

The Utah legislative session has just started, bills are moving fast and lips are moving faster! Now is a good time to learn a bit about Utah’s Legislature:<strong>1. The legislative session is short and sweet.</strong> It lasts 45 days, starting on the fourth ...

Bottom Line trivia

Frigatebirds, a tropical seabird, can stay aloft for weeks, carried by air currents in the clouds. They can’t rest on ocean waves because their feathers aren’t waterproof.[gallery_header ids="955708,955712"]

The TX. 10: Best ways to beat the winter blues

<strong>1. Read by the fire.</strong> A book can take you to a new world and distract you from the stress of life.<strong>2. Spend time being creative.</strong> Music, painting, crafts — you choose.<strong>3. Get out into ...

Stop silence on suicide

Suicide among teens is becoming more commonplace than ever before. I go to school every day and wonder if I will lose another friend.I can remember every suicide that has happened in my high school. It hardly mattered how much you knew the person who took their life. The fact was that we lost a ...

Bottom Line trivia

That small crescent at the base of your fingernail is called the lunula, which comes from the Latin word for “little moon.”[gallery_header ids="1155512,1155516"]