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Block the blue for better sleep

You’ve probably glanced directly at the sun at noon before. Whether you were trying to follow a baseball through the sky or attempting to imitate Galileo, looking into the sun isn’t an enjoyable experience.You probably closed your eyes as they teared up and decided that it felt like ...

The TX. 10: Favorite things about the weekend

1. Getting more sleep.2. Playing with my sisters, because they make me smile.3. Free time to see friends and family.4. Catching up on all of the homework I have, because there’s never enough time!5. Not having to go to work.6. The chance to structure my own day, so I can catch up on stuff ...

Bottom Line trivia

The American bison — the largest mammal in North America — was officially named the national mammal of the United States in 2016.[gallery_header ids="1159313,1159315"]

IB program brings fresh perspectives

If you’ve ever wanted to do a school program that sounds about as confusing as rocket science, <a href="https://ogdenhigh.ogdensd.org/" target="_blank">Ogden Hig</a>h has just the thing for you.This year, I enrolled in the <a href="https://www.ibo.org/" ...

Remembering decades gone by

All the buzz as this new year began was focused on the beginning of a whole new decade — a momentous event. Gone are the 20-teens and here come the 2020s!It all got me thinking about decades gone by.In the decade from 2001-2010, most of us teenagers were likely still young children. Those ...

The TX. 10: Fun games to play with family

1. “Wackee Six”2. “Apples to Apples”3. “Bonanza”4. “Bang”5. “Telestrations”6. “Dominion”7. “Ticket to Ride”8. “7 Wonders”9. “Sushi Go”10. “Code Names”<em>— TX. staff</em>[gallery_header ids="1015278,1015283"]

Bottom Line trivia

The average person spends about six years of his or her life dreaming.[gallery_header ids="1100106,1100111"]

Dark fairytales lurk behind happy Disney films

Around the world, many are awed by the beauty of Disney films. They are inspiring, beautiful and reach audiences in ways that no other type of movie can.Overall, Disney films draw in the young, the old, both boys and girls. They are meaningful, and contain beautiful messages and a happy ...

New ‘Jumanji’ takes friendship to next level

My friend and I were already big fans of the first "Jumanji" movie and couldn't wait to see the new <a href="https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7975244/" target="_blank">"Jumanji: The Next Level."</a> We heard really good reviews, with people saying that it was just as ...

The TX. 10: Worst classes we’ve ever taken

<strong>1. Jewelry.</strong> It was really hard to shape stones and metal, and we never had time to finish our projects. That, and my hands always smelled like metal for hours after class!<strong>2. Calligraphy.</strong> Writing in cursive ...