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Standard Deviations

Solar eclipse brings enlightenment to columnist

As incredible as it was watching last Monday’s total solar eclipse, the truth is that the unforgettable astronomical event accounted for less than 2 ½ minutes of our family’s four-day trip to <a href="https://www.idaho.gov/" target="_blank">Idaho</a>.Indeed, the ...

Columnist chilling in Rexburg, waiting for total solar eclipse

REXBURG, IDAHO — It’s the calm before the (solar) storm.This small college town of just 28,000 is bracing for what is expected to be unprecedented hordes of visitors for Monday’s total eclipse of the sun.As I write this, the Saalkowskis — the Bennifer-like name given to the combined ...

Arkansas couple travels the country, spreading love for farm animals

OGDEN — After spending Friday afternoon at the <a href="http://www.goldenspikeeventcenter.com/" target="_blank">Golden Spike Event Center</a>, I was fully prepared to write a melancholy obituary for the traditional county fair.This year — and I wasn’t the only ...