Thank you for your recent editorial reminding readers of Utah’s rich history honoring women (This is only the beginning in honoring Utah’s past women, Oct. 16, 2019). It is surprising, however, that 100 years after Utah ratified the 19th Amendment, our state has yet to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). We were a leader in giving women the right to vote, yet we have taken no action to give women full protection under the United States Constitution.

In the upcoming 2020 session, our state Legislature has the opportunity to rectify this. We have the chance to reframe the narrative that Utah is the worst state in the country regarding women’s equality. We can lead once again and honor women of today by showing that all are equal, both in our beliefs and under the law. Utah can be the 38th and final state necessary to ratify the ERA. How wonderful it would be if, 150 years after our own Seraph Young was the first woman to legally vote in the United States, Utah demonstrated that we value women by enshrining their equality in the Constitution. Now, that would truly honor Utah’s past women.

Charlotte Maloney


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