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Flag burning is a form of treason

Flag Burning Laws


RMP tries to penalize homeowners for using solar energy

Lead BZ 082415 WSU Solar 01-2

About two years ago Rocky Mountain Power started sending us a letter every month saying we were using more energy than our neighbors and we needed to conserve energy. We had long felt a desire to help our environment by using solar energy, so we decided to install a $23,000 system on our roof....


Trump isn't fit to be president

Trump Taiwan-3

In response to B. Robert Jones (”Hey, all you crybabies in the Buttercup Generation. Trump won. Grow up,” Nov. 26 Standard-Examiner): I have no idea who the


Smith will be a welcome addition to Weber County Attorney's Office

Dee Smith

This is regarding the Standard-Examiner’s “Our View” section of Nov. 21, specifically the comment about Judge Dee Smith leaving his position as an Ogden city justice court judge. The article is titled, “Thumbs Up”; the graphic is “Thumbs Down....


Rocky Mountain Power is putting out disinformation on solar panels

BZ 082415 WSU Solar 02

We need to correct the misinformation Rocky Mountain Power provided via its spokesperson, Paul Murphy. He claims that because of net metering, RMP pays 8.9 to 14.5 cents per kilowatt hour for residential solar (“Proposed solar charges from Rocky Mountain Power cause customer confusion,”...


Divorced woman didn't need to rely on husband for home, car

BW 09022015 Divorce Care Class 006-5

I have to respond to Charlene Hecker’s Nov. 26 letter, “Woman no longer wants to be part of a church whose members supported Trump,” not because of her stance on Donald Trump or her issues with the LDS Church. She is fully entitled to her opinion on both. My issue is with her...


The flag is the symbol of our core beliefs and values

DEM 2016 Philadelphia-22


Box Elder County residents need to oppose municipal service tax

Box Elder feasibility study

We have class wars, race wars and a new one, incorporated vs. unincorporated wars. Government uses these divisions so that they can retain their power and control over the people. The Box Elder County Commissioners feel that the people who live in unincorporated areas are not paying their fair...


Put in a flashing crosswalk light at 33rd and Wall before it's too late

MH 062216 Lantern House 11-10

Now that we’re in the holidays, turning our attention to those who have fallen on hard times, I’m writing to argue for a flashing pedestrian crosswalk light at the intersection of 33rd Street and Wall Avenue in Ogden. Since the Lantern House shelter opened its new facility, I’m...


George E. Wahlen Veterans Home grateful for community support

LEAD BS 011515 Fighter Pilots 04-18

The George E. Wahlen Ogden Veterans Home would like to thank the outstanding community in which we live. Throughout the year, numerous community organizations and individuals contribute time, effort, and money to provide additional services and resources in support of the veterans home. Our...

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