Bishop's opponent does not reflect Utah values

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Editor, I have read with much amusement the seemingly endless letters to the SE regarding the perceived evils of Rob Bishop. It seems he alone is responsible for everything wrong with the federal...


Don't take two copies at a newspaper box

Editor, There’s something I’ve noticed about the metal boxes where this newspaper is dispensed. When the customer inserts the required coins the box...


Ban pit bulls from Clearfield limits

Editor, After reading on Oct. 30 about that five-year-old getting mauled by a pit bull in Clearfield (“Clearfield boy severely mauled by family’s pit...


Clark's opinion has no scientific basis

Editor, Re: the Standard-Examiner column of Oct. 26, “Science doesn’t support life after death claims,” Gregory Clark: Dr. Clark states,...


Bishop one of few honest pols in Congress

Editor, I have watched with interest the letters to the editor and the online comments on the Standard-Examiner website and there is a lot of anti-Rob Bishop...


This Republican supports Donna McAleer

Editor, Every since I can remember a member of my family has supported America in every conflict. Since 1777 we have fought and voted Republican. After coming back...


Mosher for Ogden School Board

Editor: I’m writing to endorse Dori Mosher for Ogden School Board. Dori is a long-time citizen of Ogden. She has been involved in the community in several...


McAleer can move our country forward

Editor, I am writing to you to offer my support to Donna McAleer, candidate for Congress, First District of Utah. Donna has my support because I am tired of the...


Tougher to get to voting locations today

Editor, Sixty-two years ago, when I first started voting, my voting location was just around the corner on my own block. Several years ago, my voting location...


Christian is as Christian does

Editor, What’s with all the judging and hating going on? I, as a Christian, love all people, but I don’t like certain lifestyles, and I don’t...


D.C. 'children' hurt federal employees

Editor, What time is it boys and girls? No, it’s not Howdy Doody Time with Buffalo Bob children. I mean men and women back in D.C., it’s voting time....

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