Ex-girlfriend: Stewart said he would 'go out shooting'

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 4:11 PM

Tim Gurrister

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OGDEN — Stacy Wilson took the stand today to describe her relationship with Matthew Stewart as boyfriend and girlfriend until the spring of 2011.

In that time he also talked about his anger toward the government.

She said Stewart would often say, "The government and the police are all corrupt ... and he really did not like cops. He would say that we are living in a police state."

Wilson said that Stewart’s feelings became more and more adamant as the relationship progressed. And, she testified, he said that if the police ever came to his home to arrest him, "that he would go out shooting. That he would not let them take him."

Wilson is the one who tipped off the Weber Narcotic strike force that Stewart was growing marijuana, beginning the investigation that led to the shootout on Jan. 4.

However, from prior testimony, Wilson never relayed Stewart’s threat to shoot it out with police, to the strike force.

Defense attorney Randy Richards asked Wilson if that was because she didn’t take Stewart’s threat seriously.

She replied, saying it wasn’t that she didn’t take him seriously, rather "I just don’t recall telling the strike force."

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