Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Ogden's Good Landlord Program: A conversation

Ogden is rethinking its Good Landlord Program, which gives property managers a break on city fees if they refuse to rent to tenants with criminal histories. Mark Johnson, the city’s chief administrative officer, described it as “a pilot ... to look at a different way of handling those who come out...

Guest Commentary

Same-sex foster parents and the Utah courts: A conversation

Judge Scott Johansen ordered a lesbian foster couple to give up their baby Tuesday, citing research that claims children do better when raised by heterosexuals. Johansen’s ruling sparked confusion and anger, leading the Utah child welfare officials to announce Thursday night they intended to appeal...

Guest Commentary

Gang injunctions don't work, violate our rights

There has been a discussion recently about whether the Ogden gang Injunction should be reinstated. This is a clear unconstitutional action that any citizen should oppose. It is also a waste of money and resources. RELATED: “Another Ogden gang injunction? Law enforcers say city needs it” Any...


The LDS Church, apostasy and baptism: A conversation

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