DEA drug fine scam hits Utah

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 11:47 AM


SALT LAKE CITY — The Drug Enforcement Agency is warning about a scam in Utah involving con artists posing as DEA agents on phone calls trying to shake down victims for cash.

Patsy Arnold Leery of Salt Lake City got a call this week from a woman who claimed to be Lt. Linda Taylor with the DEA in New York.

Leery told KTVX-TV the woman told her she committed a felony by purchasing a prescription online two years ago from the Dominican Republic and faced jail unless she paid a $7,000 fine.

Frank Smith, the DEA’s assistant special agent in Salt Lake City, says it’s a nationwide scam involving an international ring based in the Dominican. He says they bounce calls from Russia into Utah and have been very hard to track down.

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