Out Standing in a Field: What does the future of water look like in Utah?

Friday , April 28, 2017 - 2:14 PM

LEIA LARSEN & BENJAMIN ZACK, Standard-Examiner Staff

After several years of drought, Northern Utah finally had a cold, wet winter.

While warm weather has now arrived in the valleys, the mountains are still buried under snow.

What role does this late season snow play in the second-driest state in the country? Where exactly will all of this water go as the snow melts? What can we expect in the future as the climate changes and Utah’s population grows?

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In order to answer these questions and more, reporters Leia Larsen and Benjamin Zack headed to the T. W. Daniel Experimental Forest above Logan Canyon, where scientists are studying the climate and changing snowpack.

Find out what they discovered in the latest episode of Out Standing in a Field. 

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