Ogden Good Landlord Program now offers certain convicts more housing choices

Lead BZ 102116 Good Landlord 01

The pilot program began Oct. 1 and allows people on probation or parole to get a waiver and rent...

Police & Fire

Contingency plan would upgrade South Weber fire department

BS 062015 South Weber Fire Department 43

The all-volunteer South Weber force crumbled to nine firefighters this month after the top two officers were fired and several crew members quit in protest.


How To Enroll In Medicare And Avoid Costly Mistakes

Your 65th birthday is coming up. Soon, you think, the government will send you a packet explaining how to enroll in Medicare — its vast health program for 46 million seniors. Don’t hold your breath. Astonishingly, no coordinated effort to reach out to soon-to-be-65-year-olds exists. You have to...


Drug Prices, Not The Health Law, Top Voters’ Health Priorities For 2017

Until this week, when big increases in insurance premiums were unveiled for next year, the federal health law has not been a major issue in the presidential election. In fact, fixing what ails the Affordable Care Act isn’t even among voters’ top priorities for health issues for next year, according...


Bid to speed transplants with hepatitis C-infected kidneys

HealthBeat Kidney Transplants Hepatitis C

WASHINGTON (AP) — Some patients facing a years-long wait for a kidney transplant are jumping ahead in line thanks to a startling experiment: They’re agreeing to an organ almost sure to infect them with hepatitis C. Knowingly transmitting a dangerous virus may sound drastic but two leading...


Trump, Clinton view his business career much differently

Campaign 2016 Clinton

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump says his new Washington hotel serves as a testament to why he should be president. Hillary Clinton says Trump is “the poster boy for everything wrong with our economy.” “Under budget and ahead of schedule. So important. We don’t hear those words so often, but you will,...


Modest gains, but US students still lag in science learning

WASHINGTON (AP) — The vast majority of U.S. students still lack a solid grasp of science despite some modest gains by fourth and eighth graders, especially girls and minorities. The problem is particularly acute among the nation’s high school seniors. The 2015 National Assessment of Educational...


Early voting: More good signs for Clinton in key states

Campaign 2016 Early Voting

WASHINGTON (AP) — The millions of votes that have been cast already in the U.S. presidential election point to an advantage for Hillary Clinton in critical battleground states, as well as signs of strength in traditionally Republican territory. The strong early-voting turnout by those likely to...


Artificial hand helps amputees feel just how hard to squeeze

Prosthetics That Feel-1

WASHINGTON (AP) — A next-generation artificial hand is letting two amputees tell the difference between a soft or firm touch — like holding a child without squeezing too tightly. It’s another step toward developing prosthetics that can feel. Implanted electrodes allowed the men to feel the same...


In District 15, incumbent Wilson defends against Democrat Miller

Brad Wilson and Rich Miller

Candidates for Utah’s House District 15 disagree on Medicaid expansion.


Pentagon suspends California National Guard bonus repayments

Belgium NATO Defense Ministers

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon worked Wednesday to stave off a public relations nightmare, suspending efforts to force California National Guard troops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan to repay their enlistment bonuses that may have been improperly awarded. Defense Secretary Ash Carter ordered...

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