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Trump is wrong about banning Muslims, but he's right about immigration

GOP 2016 Trump Las Vegas

“Donald Trump does the cause of immigration restriction a disservice by rendering it in...

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Brexit: Same phenomenon, different country

Britain EU Photo Gallery

Are Donald Trump and Brexit related? Jennifer Rubin says they’re both the byproducts of an economic trauma we’ve yet to address.

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Supreme Court decisions have consequences. This one had 4 million

Supreme Court Immigration Texas

Republicans won’t address immigration reform or give Merrick Garland a hearing. The result is a deadlocked Supreme Court that sent 4 million immigrants back into the shadows.

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Hillaryism: Government as gap-filler

DEM 2016 Clinton-4

Defending the status quo is a thankless task. But that’s Hillary Clinton’s strategy, writes Charles Krauthammer.

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The legal mess where religion meets health care

Supeme Court Abortion

“Religious liberty claims are the new form of objection to liberal social policy. That includes abortion as much as contraception or gay marriage,” writes Noah Feldman.

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Blaming entire communities is wrongheaded and un-American

GOP 2016 Trump New York 6-22-2016

When it comes to crime, Americans hold Muslim and Hispanic communities to a different standard. That’s wrong, writes Esther J. Cepeda.

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Donald Trump just savaged Hillary Clinton. The problem — he savaged himself too.

GOP 2016 Trump New York

Donald Trump delivered a cohesive and effective indictment of Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign on Wednesday, painting the former secretary of state as a pay-to-play politician who purposely keeps the public in the dark about her activities and who puts personal ambition above all else.

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Clinton's choice of a running mate will reveal a lot about her

APTOPIX DEM 2016 Clinton Raleigh

Whom shall it be — Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker or Sherrod Brown? Hillary Clinton’s choice of a running mate is important, writes Steve Chapman.

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In a case out of Utah, the 4th Amendment takes another hit

Supeme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court just made the Fourth Amendment almost meaningless. Now, as Justice Sonia Sotomayor points out, police can stop you, demand ID and check it for outstanding warrants — “even if you are doing nothing wrong.”

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Taking the fall for Trump

GOP 2016 Trump Shakeup

Somebody had to take the fall for Donald Trump’s abysmal campaign performance. And that somebody was Corey Lewandowski, writes Kathleen Parker.

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Six weeks to sanity — the anti-Trump surge is finally here

GOP 2016 Trump Treasure Island

Republicans had nine months to figure out Donald Trump, and they never did. The rest of the country only needed six weeks, writes Jennifer Rubin.

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