Bios: GOP candidates for U.S. Senate

Apr 19 2012 - 3:50pm



Orrin Hatch

AGE: 78

HOMETOWN: Salt Lake City

EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree in history from Brigham Young University; law degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

PERSONAL: Wife, Elaine; six children, 23 grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren.

CAREER: Before winning election to the Senate in 1976, Hatch practiced law in Pennsylvania and Utah. He has served six terms in the Senate.

OF NOTE: Hatch is a prolific songwriter; many of his ballads focus on faith or country. Various Christian music singers have recorded his lyrics. His most recent financial disclosure form shows that he received about $7,500 in 2010 for songwriting royalties, but he has done much better in other years.

Chris Herrod

AGE: 46


EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree in international relations and family living from Brigham Young University; master's degree in organizational behavior from BYU.

PERSONAL: Wife, Alia; five children.

CAREER: Real estate developer.

OF NOTE: Herrod taught at Kharkov State University in Ukraine in the early 1990s and then at the Utah Valley State College-Kiev branch. The country had just been declared an independent state, giving Herrod a firsthand glimpse of the collapse of communism.

Daniel Liljenquist

AGE: 37

HOMETOWN: Bountiful

EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree in economics from Brigham Young University; law degree from the University of Chicago.

PERSONAL: Wife, Brooke; six children.

CAREER: Worked at Bain Consulting and eventually joined telemarketing firm FOCUS Services LLC as president and chief operating officer. Sold his interest in the company in January.

OF NOTE: In 2008, Liljenquist was participating in a humanitarian mission to build schools in Guatemala when his plane crashed and killed 11 of the 14 people on board. The crash shattered bones in both of his legs.

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