Poorly treated adjunct faculty becoming a majority

Oct 29 2013 - 4:43pm


In celebration of National Campus Equity Week, I thought it would be appropriate to create a want ad to attract adjunct professors from across the nation to come work in Utah. "College faculty - Individuals wanted to teach part-time at the college level, although a full-time schedule might be pieced together by working part-time at more than one institution. In addition to class instruction, applicants will be required to spend significant time preparing courses, grading papers, talking to students outside class time, and traveling to and from classes. No healthcare, subsidized pension or other benefits are offered. No recall rights or any other form of job security will be guaranteed. If hired, the individual will not be provided with a campus mailbox, telephone, email address or office. Part-time instructors will have no paid office hours and no academic freedom protections, and will not participate in department meetings. Appointment will be on a semester-by-semester basis. If hired, it will be necessary to reapply at lest twice a year. Apply now!"

It's appalling how poorly adjunct professors are treated, yet in many institutions around Utah they make up the majority of faculty on campus. With our State Board of Regent's policy of no collective bargaining for higher education, faculty have no voice or representation. It's time for some serious policy changes in Utah.

Bard Asay

Utah president

American Federation of Teachers




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