Bart Blair candidate for Ogden City Council At Large Seat B

Oct 23 2009 - 8:52am


Bart E. Blair
Bart E. Blair

Name: Bart Blair

Age: 36

Occupation: Manager of Finances Blair's Chevron

Family: Married 14 years, 3 daughters

Hobbies: Golfing, Running, Camping and Spending time with family

1. Name some of the qualifications you possess that makes you the best choice to represent your city?

I'm a life long resident of Ogden City. I have made the decision to live and work in Ogden and I have made a commitment to raise my family here. I own a home and a business in Ogden City and I am the only candidate in this race that can make those two claims. Because I am a home and business owner I want to ensure that Ogden succeeds!


2. What political ideals and philosophies guide your decision-making process?


I believe that the best government is a smaller government. I believe that the best economic development tool the city can possess is keeping property taxes low. I believe our economic development should be focused on companies who pay higher than minimum wage jobs. I believe that the city should focus on core values such as police and fire protection.


3. What is the most important issue facing your city?

The growing debt the city continues to incur. Crime reduction and the lack of respect between the Mayor and Council.


4. Name some qualities that you possess that make you a good team worker and able to bring consensus among city leaders.

Working in a three generation family business has taught me the value of teamwork. I believe the only way to build consensus is to have mutual respect and better communication. I feel that we have elected very talented leaders for our city and if we could focus on pulling those talents together for the common good of the city, Ogden would be the beneficiary. That's what teamwork is all about, putting aside personal agendas so that team goals can be reached. I pledge to respect all opinions and work to build consensus in Ogden City.


5. What do you think will be some major issues your city will face a generation from now?

Providing quality jobs for the citizens of Ogden. The tax burden our children will face because of decisions we are making today. Quality of growth means quality of lifestyle, all planning and zoning decisions will impact our neighborhoods for generations to come.

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