Stimulus package roadwork finished

Jan 5 2011 - 12:06am

LAYTON -- After nearly two years of construction, all of the Top of Utah roadwork associated with the 2009 stimulus package is complete.

The $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was signed into law Feb. 17 of that year and was designed to boost the economy, partly through domestic spending on infrastructure.

As part of the legislation, the state received $213 million to be used on state and local transportation projects.

Federal funds were doled out for 124 pavement preservation, bridge rehabilitation and capacity-improvement projects around the state that would not have been completed without the stimulus funding.

The goal was to spread the projects throughout all corners of the state, rapidly use the funds to provide jobs throughout local communities, and repair and replace roads and bridges in critical need.

Utah Department of Transportation spokeswoman Tonia Mashburn said that of the 124 statewide projects that received funding from the ARRA, 14 still need to be finished.

"The majority of those projects have been finished," Mashburn said. "But there are still a few that need to be completed."

While the rest of the state still has to wait, in UDOT's Region One, which encompasses Weber, Davis, Morgan and Box Elder counties, all of the projects are now complete.

The $12 million project to widen 500 South in Woods Cross that was finished two weeks ago signaled the end of the Top of Utah's ARRA-related road work.

UDOT Region One spokesman Vic Saunders said the majority of the region's projects were resurfacing or minor structural rehabilitation work, aside from the 500 South project and a road-widening project in Syracuse.

"Most of the money went toward maintenance projects and projects that we could start on fast," Saunders said.

In Weber County, seven road projects were funded and completed with stimulus money, totaling nearly $13 million.

The project that received the most stimulus money in Weber County was the Wall Avenue project, which upgraded the road's pavement from 23rd Street to U.S. 89.

With $6.7 million from the federal government, the project received more than half of the county's total stimulus funds.

In Davis County, eight projects were funded with more than $26 million total stimulus funds.

The Syracuse Road project received most of Davis County's stimulus money, with nearly $20 million of the project's $31.7 million total cost coming from the ARRA.

"We were able to complete some work that really needed to be finished," Saunders said. "The combination of projects really helped this region's transportation system."

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