OGDEN — Vanessa Colunga remembers when she and her brother, Jasey, were kids and their dad gave them some markers and let them draw all over the sheetrock in their unfinished basement.

“We drew together and it was the best,” Vanessa said. The two are now both local artists and will share their talents at the Ogden Arts Festival on June 11 and 12.

Vanessa will have a booth at the festival and Jasey will be airbrushing the artwork on a van for Nurture the Creative Mind live during the festival.

“It will be right at the entrance to the festival so it will be hard to miss,” said Amir Jackson, who is directing the festival with Nurture the Creative Mind, a nonprofit group to help children enhance their artistic abilities.

Vanessa lives in Ogden and her brother lives in West Haven. The two have been bouncing ideas off each other for weeks about the artwork for the supply van and the arts festival itself.

“There are only the two of us so we are extremely close,” Vanessa said.

This isn’t the first time Vanessa has been a part of the Ogden Arts Festival. She usually has a booth displaying her work but this year she will also do some live work at the festival.

Vanessa describes herself as a mixed media artist: “I specialize in pop culture icons and horror art like Dracula and Frankenstein,” she said.

Jasey’s work is a bit different from his sister’s; he specializes in airbrushing and is an engineer at his day job. Jasey admits his airbrush talent is a hobby, but said he loves every minute of it.

He has done local work before, such as painting on the Nurture the Creative Mind pianos seen around town and painting on the famous Ogden horses displayed at Pioneer Days. He admits doing his airbrush work in the open outdoors of the Ogden Arts Festival will be an interesting experience.

“I’m used to working in a controlled environment,” he said. Both he and Vanessa said they are hoping for good weather and limited wind so the project can go off without a hitch.

Vanessa will be busy at her booth, but said she has every intention of bouncing between there and her brother’s project to provide support.

Jasey started doing some pre-work to the roof of the van last weekend. He hasn’t worked on something that will be so visible in the community like this will be, he said.

“It will be really cool to see that art going down the road,” Jasey said.

Both the Colungas said they hope to be an inspiration to other aspiring artists.

“It’s way fun to be able to inspire anyone young or old to be creative and paint something, somewhere,” Jasey said.

Jackson at Nuture the Creative Mind said he has no doubt the brother/sister duo will be inspirational.

“That’s why we wanted them to be a part of things. The two have more talent than any one family should be allowed,” Jackson said.

Jackson likes the fact that the Colungas are such different artists but very talented in the mediums they create.

“It will help people to see there are so many options,” Jackson said. “That’s what the festival is all about.”

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