Job success stems from telling good stories to self

Apr 6 2012 - 5:01pm


It is the stories we tell ourselves that create the emotional foundation that ultimately makes up our lives, our successes and our failures. Storytelling, to ourselves and to others, is something we all do and humans have done for thousands of years.

The Academy award winning film director Stephen Soderbergh once said, "We have to have a version of our own story that we keep telling ourselves that allows us to get up in the morning. This version of yourself is what you sell to yourself."

The obvious question, then, is what story are we telling ourselves? Just as important, though, is what story are we telling others -- about ourselves, our skills, what we do and who we are, our business ideas and vision, our leadership?

Like the stories we tell ourselves, these stories have a major impact on our successes and our failures. The story you tell yourself will impact the actions you take. The story you tell others will impact the actions others will take in your behalf. Ironically, but absolutely, the story you tell yourself will play a major part in the story you tell others.

If you have a business idea, it's not about the logo you create or the business card you give out, it's about the story you tell that encompasses your vision and the very purpose of your business. If people relate well to that story, they will embrace your product or service. The same is true if you want to grow your business or champion a cause.

For those needing to boost their careers, it will be the story you tell yourself and the story you tell networking contacts, potential employers, and even family members that will determine your success. You should work on developing a captivating story of your career that you can begin sharing.

It begins, however, with the story you tell yourself about your skills, your value and your greatness, and the story you tell yourself about the opportunities available to you.

Over the years, I have worked with some who tell themselves the story that they have no skills, that they just can't keep a job or they just aren't what they once were. Some tell themselves there are no jobs out there and no one wants their skills. Such stories must be changed to change the actions that lead to success, both your actions and the actions of others.

Employers hire every day, new businesses start every day, old businesses redefine themselves and grow every day. It is the stories these people tell themselves and communicate to others that make that happen or not.

In today's age of social networking and ease of communication, once you have your story, the opportunities are limitless.

Ron Campbell has worked extensively in the job preparation and job search industry. He can be reached at 801-386-1111 or

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