The principle behind anti-Trump pragmatism

Not Real News

“For Trump's opponents, pragmatism is principle — because the stakes are so high...


NRA members hope young people have a promising future

School Shooting Florida

The National Rifle Association is not afraid of our young people. We have faith in them. We hope their future is bright and and promising. We love them; they are our flesh and blood. RELATED: “Standard Deviations: Gun owners should be afraid of teenagers' newfound activism” Our...

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Justice Department is headed down a dangerous path

Trump Sanctuary Cities

“That the attorney general and a member of the FBI leadership were mutually investigating each other should be the stuff of a "Homeland" episode, not front-page news in a real, functioning democracy,” writes Noah Feldman.

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Reducing unintended pregnancies saves money — and it also improves lives

SW 110317 Ray Ward Ogden Clinic 01

By expanding access to contraception, Utah can save money, reduce the abortion rate and help low-income women overcome poverty. And that’s truly remarkable.

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Firing Mueller now doesn't make sense

APTOPIX Trump Trade

“Moving at this point would only be rational if Trump fears some thermonuclear revelation that wouldn't be survivable. It's not clear what, in the current news and political environment, that would be,” writes Rich Lowry.

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Friday FAQs: How does the Standard-Examiner pick letters to the editor?


As part of a initiative to be more transparent and give our readers a behind-the-scenes look into our newsroom, the Standard-Examiner is starting a weekly series answering questions from our readers called Friday FAQ.


We need common-sense gun control


In response to “Media has contributed to America’s moral decline, gun violence,” a letter from Scott Stanford published March 4: Most people are not calling for gun prohibition; rather, they are calling for common-sense gun control. Alcohol prohibition, which forbade production,...

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Readers react: Can mental health reform prevent gun violence?

School Safety US vs Nigeria-15

The Standard-Examiner’s video — published a week after President Trump released his school safety plan — sparked some interesting conversation among commenters.

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To protect Mueller, Republican silence may be a shrewd tactic


“In a hyper-partisan climate, it's easy to interpret every difference of opinion as proof of sordid motives. But if Republicans actually wanted Trump to get rid of Mueller, they would be saying so,” writes Steve Chapman.

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Excuse me — is this a restaurant or a bar?

Liquor Laws Utah

If you can’t tell restaurants from bars, don’t blame Utah lawmakers. They tried to help.

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Binge drinkers put all of us at risk

New Laws Utah-5

“Binge drinking puts everyone — even sober bystanders — at risk for harm from dangerous driving, risky sexual behavior and violent outbursts,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.

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