Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

Panhandling Free Speech

Distracted driving, addressing panhandling, an Ogden redevelopment project and wrongheaded Facebook...


Israel continues to violate international law, steal land in the West Bank

Israel Palestinians clash

While the attention of most Americans is diverted daily by the inept machinations of the least fit person ever to occupy the White House, on the other side of the world the Israelis continue, in violation of international law and taking advantage of our distraction, to steal land from Palestinian...

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Column: Who do you know who could benefit from a Have a Heart home?

Secondary BZ 062916 Have a Heart 03-2

Every year, a committee of home builders and Realtors find a lot that’s either donated or deeply discounted and build a home for a family in need. 

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Politics is killing honest debate and compromise

Trump McConnell

“Certainly, we will never find common ground if we do not seek it,” writes Sandy Crosland.

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Sometimes, a homeless family just needs a place to sleep


By leasing its old public works building to Family Promise, North Ogden can help families stay together as they seek jobs and housing.

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Why Obamacare won and Trump lost

Congress Health Overhaul protest

“Americans now broadly support the basic principles of Obamacare. Republicans, including Trump, would do well to accommodate themselves to this reality,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

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The Homefront: Saying goodbye isn't nearly as final as it used to be

louise brown web sig.jpg

With the help of modern technology and transportation, it’s not nearly as difficult to say goodbye to family as it was centuries ago. 


Christmas movies in July are a little too much

it's a wonderful life

I’m old, and maybe that’s my problem. But lately, watching one of my favorite television stations, they’ve jumped seasons and all the little movies they’re playing are based on Christmas stories — snow, living rooms decorated for Christmas, houses decorated with bulbs...

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Curbing traffic stops would save lives

Castile Shooting-1 video

“Curtailing traffic stops wouldn't make the roads more dangerous. But it would save the lives of motorists and police who are now put in peril for no good reason,” writes Steve Chapman.

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Openness helps restore trust after police dog's death in N. Utah

Endy Cache County police dog

Sheriff, county attorney made sure the public learned what happened to Endy.

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A chance to work together and craft workable health care reform

Congress Health Overhaul McConnell

“The fact is, Obamacare was never perfect nor should anyone have expected it to be,” writes Kathleen Parker.

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