A principal receives a fitting award and a young athlete takes silver

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The Standard-Examiner editorial board hashes out the positions we take on the Opinion page....

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Cranks get free speech protection, too

Jim Tracy doesn’t believe the Sandy Hook massacre was real. But that shouldn’t have cost him his job at Florida Atlantic University.

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Vandals defaced the Frame Arch. Don't let them get away with it

The arches belong to all of us, for all time. No one has the right to mar their beauty.

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The only man who can stop Trump is Trump

Trump consistently loses to Clinton in hypothetical matchups because of her 20- to 30-point margins among women. Trump seems determined to make that gap even wider.


Andrew Jackson was a disgrace who had no place on the front of the $20 bill

It is about time they replaced Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. Finally, the outcry has been heard. The slave owner and murderer of Native Americans is a disgrace to our nation. Jackson created the “spoils system,” which corrupts our government by appointing friends to positions instead...

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How to play the 'Woman Card'

Unlike Man Cards, Woman Cards do not increase in value as they age. In fact, they depreciate. Do not collect Woman Cards. Even in mint condition, they are worthless.

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Don't feed Utah's opioid epidemic — get rid of your old, unneeded meds

Utah medicine cabinets are full of prescription painkillers, and they’re fueling a health crisis. Saturday, you can safely dispose of the meds you no longer need.

National Commentary

Why felons should be allowed to vote

We don't permanently strip criminals of freedom of speech or religion, the right not to be subjected to unreasonable searches or the right against self-incrimination. Why deprive them of the vote?


Facebook complaints don't count toward change

For all the argument and discussion on Facebook, it turns out very few people took further action on the North Ogden Divide signs.


What to do when mom insists on picking up the bill? Cherish it.

A daughter starts out bothered by mom’s persistence to pay but get’s a little slice of wisdom in the process


Republicans need to allow a vote on Supreme Court nominee

For the past seven-plus years, the Republicans have done their best to disrupt all that the Democratic Party was trying to do to reverse the problems were created during the past administration’s time in office. They tried to make Barack Obama a “one-term president,” fought the...

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