When an Amber Alert is issued, pay attention — young lives are at stake


Don’t allow yourself to grow jaded about Amber Alerts. They save children’s lives.

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Justice Anthony Kennedy turns into a liberal

APTOPIX Supreme Court Kennedy

“With the presidential election coming and the composition of the Supreme Court at issue, Kennedy's path from Reagan-appointed conservative to decisive liberal justice deserves renewed scrutiny,” writes Noah Feldman. “What happened, exactly?”

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Negotiation, compromise lead to agreement on North Ogden library renovation

North Ogden Branch design plan

For a while, North Ogden, Harrisville and Pleasant View argued with Weber County over the 2013 county library bond. But in the end, they found agreement — which is what voters wanted all along.

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Teaming up against Trump

DEM 2016 Clinton Warren

It may be true that Clinton's greatest virtue is her opponent, writes Kathleen Parker. But it's also clear that Warren is her greatest asset.


Pioneer heritage a source of joy for Ogden woman

BZ 071714 Pioneer Museum 17-15

I want to express my gratitude for my rich pioneer heritage. One of my treasured memories of my great-great-grandfather John Loveless and his wife Rachel Mahala Anderson, is knowing that he and his family associated with the prophet Joseph Smith on a regular basis. They lived in Nauvoo, Ill., and...

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How Republicans blew it on Benghazi

House Benghazi Report

Our mistake in Libya was lack of follow-through. But that didn’t fit the needs of a made-for-talk-radio Benghazi scandal, writes Jennifer Rubin.

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It's time to restore the Ogden Canyon mountainside

canyon mountainside

A project to replace an Ogden Canyon pipeline was completed in 2013. It’s time to restore the mountainside.

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On trade, Trump Is an encyclopedia of errors

GOP 2016 Trump Trade

Donald Trump doesn’t understand the first thing about trade. His Tuesday speech proved it, writes Steve Chapman.


Trump may not have details, but he wants to make things happen

GOP 2016 Trump 6-28-16

Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for president. He is the choice of the people. It seems that the Republican establishment should be uniting around  Trump rather than trying to get him to unite with the establishment. We should all vote for Trump even if we don't like the...

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How Ruth Bader Ginsburg just won the next abortion fight

Supreme Court Abortion

Why did Ruth Bader Ginsburg need to file a separate concurrence in the Texas abortion case? To write into law the factual finding that abortion is safe, explains Linda Hirshman.

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A couple reservoirs are full, but that doesn't mean we can begin wasting water

SW 062416 Pineview Reservoir 02

Pineview Reservoir is full. So is Causey Reservoir. So the Northern Utah drought is over and we can use as much water as we want, right? No. Not even close. Actually, as it turns out, we need to expand our conservation efforts. Snowpack in the Ogden River watershed returned to normal levels this...

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