A long, heroic weekend for Northern Utah firefighters

BZ 072516 Fire 05

Fire crews did everything within their power to save lives and property at three big fires over the...


Ogden's trees are in danger

BZ 060316 Ogden Music Festival 39-24

Imagine standing in the avenues of Ogden. No trees, anywhere. Well, if someone doesn't do something fast, that is what we all will be looking at. Come on, Ogden City, and put our money where it's needed. I hope someone, somewhere cares. Charla L. Wilcock Ogden

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Trump's Russia provocation isn't quite a crime

Campaign 2016 Trump Toledo

Did Donald Trump commit a crime by inciting Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s email server? Probably not, writes Noah Feldman.

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It's time for an honest conversation about race

BZ Face to Face Portraits 01

We need an honest dialogue about race. Saturday’s town hall conversation at Weber State University is a good place to start.

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What's the case for Hillary Clinton?

DEM 2016 Convention

“In this crazy election year, there are no straight-line projections,” writes Charles Krauthammer. “As Clinton leaves Philadelphia, her lifelong drive for the ultimate prize is perilously close to a coin flip.”


Public Lands Initiative finds a balance between competing interests

Public Lands Plan-5


God is punishing the United States for Roe v. Wade

Abortion Rights Rally Wichita

You have watched the videos of Nice, Turkey, Paris, Orlando, San Bernardino, Dallas and Baton Rouge, where chaos and mayhem have reigned. What is the worldview of these killers? How do they answer the questions of origin, meaning, morality and destiny, which describe everyone's worldview? Life has...

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Donald Trump just encouraged Russia to spy on Hillary Clinton

Campaign 2016 Trump 7-27-16

Russia is traditionally an American adversary. But to Donald Trump, it’s a potential ally against Hillary Clinton, writes Aaron Blake.

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Hillary Clinton's challenge — establishing trust

DEM 2016 Convention Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton delivers her acceptance speech tonight. She’ll need to be persuasive.

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Bill Clinton's most important speech

DEM 2016 Convention Bill Clinton Speech

Bill Clinton has always thrived in the spotlight, writes E.J. Dionne Jr. Tuesday night, in one of the most important speeches of his life, he turned the spotlight on his wife.


$7 million could've been put to better use

House Benghazi Report

When someone is accused of committing an error in judgment, isn't it possible to prosecute the matter without spending $7 million? Repairing our nation's infrastructure could have used a few of those millions. Mona Maggio Ogden

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