Vote for Historic 25th as America's favorite Main Street

Ogden Pioneer Places 02-3

Historic 25th Street is a nominee for America’s best main street in USA Today’s Reader...


Racial slur would probably die out if black people didn't use it, reader says

Teacher Racial Slur-1

It's interesting how much of a fuss a teacher’s recent use of the

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What we've got here in Ogden is failure to communicate

ogden blight hearing canceled 2 photos together

Ogden abruptly canceled a public hearing on blight in the Oak Den neighborhood and didn’t fully explain why. That doesn’t help build trust with neighborhood residents — or the rest of Ogden.

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Don't let a repo agent make you the next Ashleigh Best

Fatal Crash-Repossession

Here’s a primer on repossession law from attorney E. Kent Winward. It could save your life.


North Ogden resident grateful for help from church, city after windstorm

WInd damage AE May 1 2016

My letters in this forum over the years have been more confrontational than conciliatory, but a change is in order, at least temporarily. This is a belated letter of thanks. A few weeks ago, a howling 80-mph wind blew over two big trees in our yard. What a mess. What to do? In the early afternoon...

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Let's not squander the talents of our immigrants

GOP 2016 Immigrants Trump-1

“The U.S. is in global competition for talented individuals in disciplines where there are shortages,” writes Esther J. Cepeda. “Surely we can do better than to squander the talents of our own nation's immigrants.”

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A need for forgiveness in Charleston

Pinckney Portrait

The families of Dylann Roof’s victims forgave him. But the federal government intends to seek the death penalty anyway.


Multiracial crowd eating at McDonald's inspires Layton woman

McDonalds Turnaround Ideas

I thought I would drop a line to tell how inspired I was the other day when I dropped by the McDonald’s in the Layton Walmart. As I was having my usual little lunch and looked around, I saw a black family, Asians, Hispanics and whites, young and old, all together, enjoying the food and...

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Hillary Clinton could win some 'thoughtful' Republicans

Clinton Oakland

Trump scares a lot of Republicans, writes Jennifer Rubin. Here’s how Hillary Clinton can win them over.

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A public bathroom, a Utah dad and a punch in the face: A reader conversation

Wal-Mart Holiday-1

When his little girl needed to use the bathroom at Walmart, a Utah dad did the only thing that seemed reasonable. Another guy disagreed — violently.

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Obama the idealist accepts a small dose of foreign policy realism

Japan Obama Hiroshima

President Obama may still cling to his arc-of-justice idealism, writes Charles Krauthammer. But at least he’s learned to be realistic about Vietnam and the need to contain China.

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