Kudos to students, teachers in Ben Lomond mentoring program

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I am writing in response to what to me was a mean-spirited letter from Tracie Gale complaining...


Don't repeal the Affordable Care Act — fix it

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The Affordable Care Act has helped many people. Granted, it has some problems that need fixing. But rather than repealing the ACA, Congress needs to fix the parts that are not working. My fear is that Congress will repeal but not replace the ACA, thereby leaving thousands of people without health...

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For these Trump voters, no amount of change is too much

Trump Asia Impact

“Trump's brashness and embrace of radical change — many of his backers don't view it as

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Northern Utah, start paying attention to the DEQ's air quality alerts

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Northern Utah's air made news in February 2016. Nobody wants to go through that again.

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The questions surrounding Donald Trump's election are more than 'mere politics'


The inspector general’s investigation of FBI Director James Comey is urgent, writes Kathleen Parker — and probably useless.


Mark Saal: Controversial presidential inauguration shouldn't be missed

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Trump inauguration promises to be the event of the year — or at the very least, the week.

Tax Talk

Talking Taxes: The rules on residential energy credits

Saving to buy a house or home savings concept

Tax savings created by making improvements in a personal residence fall in two categories: Non-Business Energy Property Credit and Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit. There are significant differences in the amount of the credit, as well as in the credit that can be carried forward...


Can artificial intelligence help with email?

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A fully capable AI solution to answering emails is likely years away, but companies such as Google, Boomerang and Crystal are chipping away at it.


GOP leadership is out of touch with Republican voters

GOP 2016 Trump

I, like millions of others, held my nose and voted for Donald Trump. As we await his inauguration, here are some observations. When Trump won the Republican nomination, the Republican Party should have done a gut check to see if it had become insulated from the grassroots of its membership. What...


Retired government worker becoming poorer every year

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I am a retired government worker. I received a raise this year — the first raise in three years. It was 0.3 percent. I figured that by the time they raised my medical costs for just this year, not counting the last two years, I come up with $173 less cash in my pocket than last year. I know...

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Why the media lose to Trump

China Trump

“For all that Trump complains about negative press coverage, he wants to be locked in a relationship of mutual antagonism with the media,” writes Rich Lowry.

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